Cool Cats and Animoca Brands enter into partnership for future games

Cool Cats, one of the world’s best-known collections, and Animoca Brands, the gaming software and venture capital firm, partnered to generate an expansion of both companies’ products.

Cool Cats Group LLCthe company behind one of the most successful and recognized NFT projects on web3, announced its strategic partnership with Animoca BrandsAnimoca Brands, the gaming software and venture capital firm founded in 2014, which is based in Hong Kong. It also develops and distributes free-to-play games and applications focused on blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

The partnership between the two companies is on a mission to lead Cool Cats’ collection of NFTs to become one of the most highly valued global non-fungible token brands, a characteristic that is today associated with collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club y CryptoPunks. Also, Cool Cats Group LLC wants to be the world’s largest media and content company.

One of the ways it intends to do this is through the expansion of blockchain-based gaming offerings, an area in which Animoca Brands specializes to perfection.

Animoca Brands’ mission is to offer true digital ownership of virtual assets and to advance the open metaverse for users. The focus is to generate play-to-earn (P2E) games and opportunities for GameFi.

Cool Cats, on the other hand, is a 9999 NFTs collection generative token based on artist Colin Egan’s Blue Cat character. The collection was a success from the day of its launch in July 2021 and since then, it has become one of the most important non-fungible token projects in the ecosystem.

The partnership should enable both companies to begin generating new gaming experiences that appeal to their communities.

While, the minimum price of Cool Cats NFTs has decreased from its peak (25.75 ETH), the bear market has not stopped the Cool Cats Group LLC team from keeping busy on new projects and services for its community.

Prior to this strategic alliance with Animoca Brands, the NFT project partnered with the London-based entertainment company to create and distribute products such as toys, plush toys and more, to sell to the Cool Cats in physical stores. Toikido based in London, with the aim of creating and distributing products such as toys, stuffed animals and more, to sell to the Cool Cats in physical stores.

Then, in June, Cool Cats revealed that it is creating playable NFT avatars playable one of the most popular decentralized metaverses such as The Sandbox.

Finally, about a month ago, The Hundredsa popular California-based clothing brand, officially unveiled its Cool Cats collaboration to launch physical products such as T-shirts, bags and leggings with Cool Cats prints.

Following in the footsteps of the game in Yuga Labs’ BAYC metaverse named as OthersideCool Cats Group, Cool Cats Group, aims to accelerate its web3 gaming projects with new product offerings.

As we have previously reviewed, the team behind the NFT collection is constantly generating different physical products from its collection and now it is time to produce services within the web3 with games based on blockchain technology thanks to the popular system that surrounds the crypto ecosystem called play-to-earn where users receive rewards in cryptocurrencies for their hours of gaming.

On September 1st of this year, Cool Cats announced the collaboration of GAMEEAnimoca Brands, one of the gaming branches of Animoca Brands, which is dedicated to building a virtual casual gaming space for gamers, brands and app developers.

These two projects launched Cool Cats Combinations on GAMEE’s Arc8 application, an “arcadeverse” of casual games. Owners of Cool Cats NFTs had the opportunity to claim exclusive NFTs and also, participate in prizes and giveaways.

Now that Cool Cats and Animoca Brands have partnered directly to generate new and innovative experiences and services, key people from both companies have released statements on what they expect from each other in this alliance.

First, Stephen TeglasStephen Teglas, CEO of Cool Cats Group, said that they are delighted to be working with Animoca Brands and are confident of effectively leveraging new immersive experiences for the NFT collection community. He added that this partnership will bring great value to the collection and to the people who are part of this project.

Subsequently, Ken CronCEO of Cool Cats Group, commented that Yat Siu, is one of the top intellectual leaders of the web3 and ended by saying that he has created one of the most important companies in the blockchain gaming industry.

Yat Siuco-founder and CEO of Animoca Brands, responded to the words of the Cool Cats Group team and said that Ken is one of the most influential people in the NFT ecosystem and has a lot of experience in media and gaming.

Finally, he concluded by saying that this alliance will undoubtedly unlock the next frontier of play-to-earn games, NFTs and web3.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.