Clothing brands joining the NFT craze

Several world-renowned apparel companies are beginning to venture into the NFTs and Metaverse industry. Brands such as Nike, Gucci and Wrangler, among others, want to join the new technologies and create different niche markets for their customers.

After Nike launched its “Nikeland”, a virtual space currently in the Roblox game, where users can access and dress their different avatars with their favorite garments from the iconic sports brand, the company officially announced that it has acquired RTFKT Studios, a digital art project that focuses on NFTs and virtual reality (AR). Officially announced that it acquired RTFKT Studios, a digital art project that focuses on NFTs and virtual reality (AR).

This clearly signifies a further step in Nike’s goal to become one of the first brands to make inroads into the non-fungible token and metaverse industry.

RTFKT, on the other hand, uses the Ethereum blockchain to manufacture the sneakers and these unique digital artifacts.

They have already launched their first collection called “Dunk Genesis”, a sneaker in NFT format that was tested as AR in social networks as a filter for example: Snapchat.

Another feature is the “vials of skins” so that the appearance of the shoes can change and allow them to be interchangeable in order to achieve different styles.

The prestigious clothing brand Gucci, after launching its sneaker collection as NFTs and also creating its “Gucci Garage”, a sneaker generator for fashion lovers. It teamed up with SUPERPLASTIC and together they created “SUPERGUCCI” a collection divided into three parts of non-fungible tokens.

SUPERPLASTIC is a digital company that boasts in the creation of two public but virtual figures “Janky”, “Guggimon”. The two protagonists will carry forward the latest Gucci collection in NFT format.

The non-fungible tokens of these two celebrities of the digital universe are ERC-721 and are created on the Ethereum blockchain.

In addition, Gucci entered into an agreement with Roblox to create a two-week event that was named Gucci Garden. Users in this virtual environment were able to walk through different gardens and stores with the possibility of buying digital products for their avatars.

Also, the clothing brand made its official entry on the web3 alongside Roblox with the presentation of Gucci Town.

Gucci has the idea of launching collections and different digital assets in the form of NFT for its users to wear its brand in the digital industry that are developing by leaps and bounds. Currently it has teamed up with ZEPETO, the application and social network that allows users to customize avatars and create imaginary worlds.

Finally, it invested in SuperRareDAO to launch its NFT collection called “The Next 100 Years of Gucci”. They are exhibited in its virtual gallery created together with Vault Art Space and with the collaboration of 29 artists.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.