Clay Nation: Cardano’s first NFT project to integrate with The Sandbox

This is the first case of the integration of a Cardano project into The Sandbox game. Its main objective is to further boost interoperability in Web3.

The last few days have seen a large increase in the volume of sales of NFTs on networks such as Ethereum and Polygon, which are among the blockchains with the highest number of transactions in the ecosystem.

But behind them is Cardano’s blockchain, which is accelerating its performance to fight for the top positions in terms of the highest transaction volume in non-fungible token trading.

According to data provided by sites such as CryptoSlamin the month of January, the Cardano network has managed to complete 150,000 NFT sales transactions and reach a total sales volume of approximately $12 million dollars, positioning it among the top 5 blockchains with the highest transaction volume.

In this sense, the novelty of Clay Nation could further increase the traffic and volume of NFT trading on the Cardano network. With its integration into The Sandbox game, players will be able to display and trade their Clay Nation NFTs throughout The Sandbox virtual world.

The Sandbox is a game based in a virtual world, where users can log in to play, monetize their experiences in the game, and be part of various experiences in the metaverse. Its native token is $SAND.

This integration is also possible thanks to the collaboration with Smobler Studiosa metaverse architecture and design company based in Singapore. At the moment there is not much official information, other than a few tweets published by the official Clay Nation account.

On the first occasion, announced the news on February 25, mentioning what we have explained in the preceding paragraphs. Then, on February 27, they made a new announcement on new announcement The first example of Clay Nation’s e-commerce integration was announced on February 27.

In this sense, the publication goes on to state that the web framework they are developing will allow Pitch Holders to create customizable virtual environments, such as commercial spaces.


This is one of the largest collections ever developed on the Cardano blockchain. On the one hand, there is the traditional collection that has 10,000 NFTs, composed of characters created from handmade crafts, with randomly shaped clay features, whereby each of them is a type of digital collectible hosted on the Cardano blockchain.

On the other hand, they also have the Clay Nation Halloween Collection, which is composed of 9,427 gothic characters, which have been developed in collaboration with the punk rock band, Good Charlotte. Both collections can be visited through Clayspace.

Written by Luciano Garriga (Tw: luchogarriga) for NFT Express.

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