Claire Silver: NFT artist using AI presents exhibition at Louvre

He announced this via his Twitter account about the exhibition of his most important NFT works, which have been made using Artificial Intelligence.

Through a publication on her Twitter profile, Claire Silverthe artist who uses Artificial Intelligence for the development of her non-fungible tokens, announced that her work called “Love in the 4th Turning” (which is a single unit, being 1/1), will be exhibited at the Louvre Museum, Paris, on March 21.

Claire goes on to say that this is also possible thanks to SuperchiefNFTin addition to the fact that she has signed up with the company WME as their first AI artist. In this way, they seek to bring art made by AI to the mainstream culture as a whole.

SuperchiefNFT is one of the most popular NFT IRL galleries in the world, with venues in such important locations as New York and Los Angeles. It was founded by Edward Zipco and Bill Dunleavy in 2012, with exhibitions from diverse art groups. In 2016 they opened their first digital art gallery in Soho, New York.

WME is a global talent agency and probably the longest-established in the world, having been founded in 1898. William Morris Agency (WMA) merged with Endeavor in 2009, forming WME. In 2014 it acquired IMG, the leading global sports, events, media and fashion company, resulting in the creation ofEndeavor.

SuperchiefNFT Gallery – LA

About the Louvre exhibition

Claire will present the debut of her new NFT collection called “Can I tell you a secret“, which consists of an autobiographical series based on 100 photographic pieces created with Artificial Intelligence.

In addition to presenting his new collection, he will also exhibit another of his one-to-one artworks in NFT format entitled “Loved in the 4th turning“. This NFT is available on OpenSea’s marketplace, where offers can be made for purchase.

Claire is one of the youngest artists to adopt NFT technology, so she is making tokenized works since 2017. Her works can be obtained in some of the most popular marketplaces, such as OpenSea or SuperRare.

What is AI Art?

Art with Artificial Intelligence is a type of art that is created with the help of AI algorithms. To achieve this result, it is necessary to train an AI system, as if it were a neural network, so that it can simulate the way a human being acts, so it analyzes and interprets data.

In this way, artists can enter images, or instructions, so they can work with the help of artificial intelligence to develop new products, whether they are images, videos, sounds, texts, etc.

As a result, you get a final product that turns out to be a mix between what the artist provided, and the help of the AI, although many times, the majority of the result may come from the AI.

Written by Luciano Garriga (Tw: luchogarriga) for NFT Express.

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