Bybit and Carnaval Art launch NFT collection

The famous cryptocurrency exchange Bybit and the non-fungible token platform Carnaval Art are partnering to launch a unique collection in tribute to The Hat Guy, an artist who always fought to bring art closer to the entire population.

Carnaval Art is the first NFT marketplace focused on Latin American artists, and Bybit is one of the most visited exchanges in the world, ranking third.

Both entities announced a collaboration, by which they will issue 5,000 NFTs that will integrate the collection called THE HAT GUY CULTURE CLUB (THGCC). The collection will be available for pre-sale exclusively through the Bybit platform from September 13. Then, from September 20, the collection will be on sale to the public at Carnaval.Art. The price of the NFT will be u$s100 in the pre-sale, and u$s150 in the general sale.

The Hat Guy Culture Club collection was created with the aim of bringing together art lovers and collectors, the curious who are entering the field, and for all those who are already showing interest and are collectors of non-fungible tokens.

All buyers of an NFT from the THGCC collection, in addition to obtaining the intellectual property rights to the works, will also obtain various benefits, such as access to private THGCC and Carnaval.Art events, pre-sales of art collections, discounts with partners, museum tickets, among many others.


It is said that he is an anonymous artist who, through disruptive interventions and urban performances, seeks to democratize access to art, making visible the mechanisms of the status quo that seek to build an exclusive plot among those who are part of this world. The Hat Guy operates in the shadows, preserving anonymity and without giving presumptions or any kind of identifying information about his identity, leaving his traces and a very particular and unmistakable mark that identifies him: the famous bowler hat.

Connie Ansaldi, the founder of Carnaval Art, said that blockchain technology allows us to own our digital assets, without the intervention of third parties. In this way, it changes the way we link with finances, objects and even ourselves.

He also pointed out that they created The Hat Guy Culture Club collection for art lovers, for those who are rebellious in spirit and free at heart. For those who seek to democratize access to art and culture. The key to everything is provided by the link with the Bybit exchange, which is present in many countries around the world, and in this way they achieve an exhibition that knows no borders.

At the moment, not everyone can access the platform, as it is limited only to those who obtain an invitation code to be able to register on it. The platform was developed on the Bitcoin network, and once users enter the referral code, they must link a wallet to their account. Likewise, the platform will not request personal data of any kind, which allows anonymity to be preserved, in the great style of The Hat Guy.

Carnaval.Art encourages each of the NFTs to have an unlockable, being in this way an added value that gives each artist, beyond the artwork itself. Unlockables can be a physical artwork, or some benefit such as experiences, merchandising, among others.

Carnaval.Art began with 25 artists and 210 digital works. Several of these works have already been sold to different collectors around the world. Today they have more than 150 artists, and are very close to launching their own multichain platform enabling other blockchains for the mining and subsequent purchase and sale of non-fungible tokens.

It is important to highlight the way in which blockchain technology benefits artists, but above all NFTs and their commercialization through the different marketplaces that are already functional worldwide, because not only do they obtain income from the sale of each particular work, but they also receive a percentage as a “royalty” for each subsequent sale of the respective work.

Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express