Bugatti Unveils Exclusive NFT Collection on Bitcoin Network

The car manufacturer is launching its NFTs on Ordinals, and out of the 111 that make up the series, 99 are available for sale on an exclusive marketplace.

Bugatti’s non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are poised to reach the Bitcoin wallets of Ordinals collectors. This is because 99 of the 111 pieces of this series are now up for sale on Osura, a marketplace reserved for exclusive and elite digital works.

Bugatti and Asprey Collaboration

The car manufacturer Bugatti and the nearly three-century-old English jewelry firm, Asprey, have teamed up to create works of art adorned with abundant gemstones and precious jewels. These ornamental eggs come with a tokenized version based on Ordinals, a system for storing audiovisual content directly on the Bitcoin network. This exclusive collection is registered as ‘uncommon’ satoshis on the Bitcoin network. According to the Theory of Ordinals, each satoshi (the smallest unit of bitcoin) is classified depending on when they were created to determine their value. In the case of Bugatti collectibles, these are NFTs inscribed in the first satoshi of each mined block, as described by Criptopedia in one of its contents.

A New Generation Digital Jewel

Each digital piece of the series is “a cutting-edge 3D digital jewel,” as described in a note released by the Metagood team, its developers. On the Osura marketplace, it is indicated that these NFTs are interactive, and pressing the space bar reveals a 3D skeleton of each egg. “They are a harmonious synthesis that pays tribute to tradition while propelling us into the future,” the description details.

Homage to Carlo

All NFTs are egg-shaped, in homage to Carlo, the father of Ettore Bugatti, who ultimately founded the racing and luxury car manufacturer in 1909. He once said that “the purest and most perfect form of nature is the egg,” as noted in the company’s archives. “The selected shapes echo not only Carlo’s reflections but also Bugatti’s distinctive horseshoe-shaped grille, designed by Ettore in honor of his father’s love for curved and fluid shapes, like the egg,” adds the Bugatti team.

Why Bitcoin Blockchain?

Additionally, the car firm assures that it selected the Bitcoin blockchain as a guarantee that its digital collection will “endure indefinitely.”