BNB Chain launches web startup incubator3

The BNB Chain blockchain has launched an incubator program for startups that want to develop on web3, which will be deployed in 6 European cities.

This program is oriented to startups based in a member country of the European Union and projecting their incorporation to the development of decentralized applications in web 3.0. This blockchain puts its main focus on developers prioritizing the construction and scalability of their dApps.

The program is called European Innovation Incubator, which consists of a virtual program with a duration of 3 weeks, with the objective that web3 startups originating from a member country of the European Union can develop and project the scalability of their decentralized applications.

After the company applies to the program, those who are accepted will be mentored by specialists in the area and blockchain regarding tokenomics planning and marketing strategies.

There will also be a series of meetings in European cities, such as Lisbon, Barcelona, Warsaw, Paris, London and Berlin, where startup partners, event organizers and even members of the community will be able to attend.

Those startups that are accepted to participate in the project will receive up to $50,000 dollars, among other support for their projects, security assessments and audits, and consultation on their tokenomics by members of the BNB Chain community and its partners, in order to analyze their action plans, organization, among other issues.

BNB Chain’s business director, Zoe Wei, stated that the blockchain seeks to provide support to all those European web 3.0 startups that have accessibility and scalability as their main objective, in order to achieve greater adoption in the ecosystem. Their intention is to guide European developers to commit to these fundamentals, in order to achieve the growth of large user bases in the long term.

Another benefit that has been announced is that those startups chosen will also have the benefit of a bonus of the total gas commissions for 1 month, and also a recommendation to access the Most Valuable Builder (MVB) of the BNB Chain; which is an acceleration program to support in the same way those web 3.0 developers to provide greater scalability and growth to their projects, and that is more organically through advice and support of the blockchain.

This program counts with the participation of more than 17 partners, among which we can find Binance Research, CoinMarketCap, Binance Charity, BSC News, Binance Labs, Trust Wallet, among others.

Those interested in being part of this program must submit their application by October 23, and the 3-week incubation period will run from November 21 through December 15, 2022.

Another requirement for participation is that at least one of the members of the project team must be of European origin.

With this type of initiatives we see how the incorporation and support to companies that have the purpose of developing and scaling their applications in the web 3.0 world is sought, seeing all the potential that offers us thanks to blockchain technology. From the NFTexpress team we support this type of initiatives, as we consider them an essential part to incorporate new projects and encourage developers to join the web 3.0.

Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express