Participate in the BNB Chain Easter Egg Hunt and win amazing prizes in NFTs and tokens.

BNB Chain, the main blockchain of the Binance exchange and its BNB token, announced the launch of a new game called “Easter Egg Hunt” with the opportunity for users to win amazing prizes.

BNB Chain wants to celebrate Easter with eggs in the format of NFTs, but in addition there will be quizzes, tasks to complete and much more in what will be a week-long event full of excitement and opportunity to win amazing prizes alongside the main blockchain of the BNB token from the Binance exchange and 15 DApps from the ecosystem.

The objective is to collect different types of Easter eggs to participate in the “BNB Chain: Easter Egg Hunt” and get the chance to win up to $30,000 USD in prizes. Likewise, the total prize money will be divided into two parts, i.e. $15,000 USD will go to the grand prize draw and the other $15,000 USD will go to prizes, NFTs, tokens and much more.

¿How to participate in this new BNB Chain weekly game ??

Users wishing to join this new Easter egg hunt campaign on the BNB blockchain will have to use raffle tickets that will be available on BNB Chain’s decentralized app called DappBay.

These egg drawing tickets will allow the user to draw eggs in NFT format and see if they qualify for the egg tasks or egg quiz, two topics we will look at next.

First of all, each wallet address can claim up to 3 egg draw tickets per day and among the tasks will be to complete social activities on Galxe in order to obtain an additional egg draw ticket. It is worth clarifying that each DApp will have a Galxe page with all the tasks listed to perform.

Secondly, the egg quizzes consist of sharing their unique AI Egg NFT, developed with Hooked technology, on Twitter with the mission to obtain one more egg drawing ticket. It is worth clarifying that each user will qualify for one additional ticket per day, regardless of the number of times they share the unique AI Egg NFT on their Twitter account.

Below, I’ll do the step-by-step on how to participate in Web3’s Easter egg hunt together with BNB Chain. If you are interested, don’t miss it:

  • Login to DappBay with your crypto wallet.

  • Receive the 3 egg raffle tickets daily. They can be either a ‘Homework’ egg or a ‘Quiz’ egg as reviewed above.

  • If you receive a task egg, you will have to complete the activity in Galxe to join the raffle.

  • A user can obtain up to 15 additional tickets by completing social tasks on Galxe during the week-long campaign.

  • If you collect 20 task eggs, you will be able to mint an exclusive BNB Chain NFT Easter egg in Galxe and directly enter the opportunity to participate in the raffle.

  • If you receive a Quiz egg, you will have to read the educational article provided and answer a short quiz. If you answer 2 out of 3 questions correctly, you will be able to mint an AI Egg NFT.

  • Once the AI egg is minted, share it on Twitter using the hashtag #BNBEasterHunt and #AIEggNFT to get an extra egg ticket per day.

  • Find out how to win in this weekly campaign

    The weekly Easter weekend campaign will give all participants who complete the daily tasks and quizzes the opportunity to win in at least two different ways, which are:

    • The USDT Grand Prize Draw: the first 100 winners of this prize draw will be those who collect at least 20 ‘Task’ eggs before the end of the campaign. Also, minting a BNB Chain NFT Easter Egg in Galxe will give them the opportunity to participate in this big USDT draw.

    • The task raffle: this second way will be when users complete the tasks that they extract from the egg tickets, and participate in the raffle.


    Users who manage to collect at least 20 task eggs and verify this on Galxe before the end of the campaign will participate in the raffle. The raffle will be held on April 9 at 15:00 UTC.

    On the other hand, the USDT grand prize has $15,000 accumulated in the stablecoin that will be divided among 100 lucky winners.

    In addition, BNB Chain in its official press release has confirmed that the winning users of the grand prize in USDT will be able to claim it at the moment of signing the transaction, consequently, the prize will be automatically distributed to the wallets of the winners.

    Finally, it also confirmed in its press release that the winners of the remaining rewards will receive their prizes within the first 14 business days and after the end of this campaign for the Easter weekend.

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    Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.