Bluzelle launches Capella NFT: the first marketplace for Web3 games on Cosmos

This is a new tool for Web3 game users, offering a very modern and intuitive interface, among other benefits.

NFT marketplaces are one of the main responsible for fostering the growth of the Web3 and NFT ecosystem, providing possibilities for anyone interested in exchanging digital collectibles, or just want to showcase their particular collections.

But a fact that revolutionized the way of interacting with such digital collectibles was the arrival of blockchain games that use NFTs. Not only can the collectibles be used within the games, but some of them include their own marketplace where they can be bought and sold.

One drawback encountered by NFT marketplaces developed in Cosmos is that they must support semi-fungible tokens (SFTs), which are increasingly used in Web3 games.

To solve this problem, in addition to the lack of liquidity of such tokens in secondary markets, Bluzelle has decided to include several capabilities that are enabled with IBC networks through Capella.

Bluzellea Singapore-based decentralized information network, has announced the official launch of its NFT platform dedicated to blockchain-based Web3 games: Capella NFT.

One of the relevant features of this product is that it offers any user easy access to the NFTs and digital collectibles that are part of the Cosmos ecosystem. CosmosCosmos ecosystem, in addition to providing a modern interface and better usability for all gamers.

Bluzelle’s objectives include the development of world-class infrastructure solutions to offer Web3(GameFi) games and NFTs due to the high growth of activity on the Cosmos blockchain, as well as on IBC networks.

Bluzelle has decided to leverage its R2 tool to implement it in Capella. This is a decentralized storage, whereby developers are allowed to store with a good level of security the game assets they own. In this way, they will be able to store their NFTs without the need to transfer them from one blockchain to another.

Capella’s preview level is still under development. The team is currently testing its first Web3 game called Gamma4, in order to test all the features of the game.

Pavel BainsBluzelle’s CEO, has expressed that they already had the experience of having achieved what both players and developers needed. A product that meets the needs of both parties, through decentralized storage and fluidity with different Cosmos-based chains.

In this regard, having IBC network support allows users to log into Capella with any other IBC-enabled account on any Cosmos network. In this way, it allows you to buy and sell tokens on Capella.

Written by Luciano Garriga (Tw: luchogarriga) for NFT Express.

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