Binance launched free courses with certificates in NFT formats

Binance, the world’s largest centralized exchange, announced that it will offer free courses on cryptographic topics related to Metaverse, blockchain technology, Web3 and NFTs. The particularity is that it will deliver certificates in non-fungible token formats.

Binancethe world’s largest CEX (centralized exchange), has launched free cryptocurrency courses with the aim of explaining different topics of the ecosystem such as blockchain technology, Metaverse, NFTs and Web3 in general.

The courses can be found on the Exchange’s educational platform called “Binance Academy” and the curious thing is that anyone who completes the six modules provided by this platform will receive certificates in NFT format, in recognition of completion.

The idea of Binance Academy is to educate the interested public about the basics of blockchain, the future and potential of this industry. They will be able to find use cases, the advantages, but also the risk involved in investing in digital assets. In addition, although they have launched several modules, the idea of Binance is to continue expanding their courses and launch them gradually as they see the success of those already published.

Although the market has been bearish for several months, the community and especially the experts in this ecosystem agree that this is not an obstacle to continue educating and learning about everything that surrounds cryptocurrencies.

The reality is that as more people are educated on crypto issues, the number of scams, frauds and collapses that have occurred in these years of growth will decrease.

Accordingly, Binance Academy, launched its first learning modules for all users who want to learn and will deliver certificates in NFT formats for all those who complete the free online courses called “Blockchain for everyone“.

With Web3 and underlying technologies such as blockchain, non-fungible tokens and Metaverse growing in popularity and adoption, Binance has cornered the frequent problems that beginner crypto users often encounter on the subject and hence, they have launched these free courses with the aim of demystifying the technology that is on everyone’s lips. You can already find 6 (six) courses that make up approximately 30 (thirty) modules of pure learning.

He YiCo-Founder and current Chief Marketing Officer of Binance, spoke about the courses that the centralized exchange has launched and said that while the blockchain industry is still in its infancy, new concepts such as NFTs and Metaverse are coming out every day and added that Binance believes that the people who are interested now will be the next creators and community builders that will shape the future of the industry.

Consequently, he concluded his words by saying that the idea is to empower more creators and builders with the right knowledge, He Yi has ended his words by saying that the idea is to empower more creators and builders with the right knowledge, since, it is a key tool so that tomorrow they will be the ones who can teach and promote the blockchain industry.

How to obtain NFT certificates

To obtain the certificates in NFT format, you must complete each course and answer a series of questions that will be tested at the end of each module.Also, it should be noted that so far, they are only available in English.

However, Binance Academy has already informed that as the days go by, they will enable the courses in different languages so that all Binance communities around the world will have the opportunity to take the courses in their languages.

On the other hand, the courses that are available so far are the following:

After completing these courses and study modules on behalf of Binance Academy, users will be rewarded with certificates in the form of NFTs. In addition, they will be registered for future learning modules that the platform will add over time and have the opportunity to receive more NFT certificates.

Community Learning

Although they have launched this new product of free and certified courses in NFT. Binance Academy already has hundreds of articles and notes on many, many topics related to the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. In addition, Binance has received help from prestigious educational faculties such as: Harvard, Oxford and the MIT.

Also, the articles already created on the platform of Binance Academy platform can be filtered by levels ranging from beginner to intermediate to advanced. The idea is that each note created for the community has a series of files for specific information according to its degree of difficulty.

Final conclusions

This new Binance launch focused on the community and users who want to learn for free and with recognition is a clear example of how NFTs can be useful when it comes to rewarding education and learning, since at the end of the courses you will get a unique and unrepeatable NFT that only has as owner the person who successfully completed the modules and the course.

In addition, it is a good time to continue to encourage people to learn about this entire industry beyond the latest news about scams, meltdowns and/or fraud of different platforms. Being informed about all these topics is fundamental and of utmost importance to avoid falling into negligence that cannot be fixed.

Finally, the initiative provided by Binance with its Binance Academy platform will surely be of great help for users to be careful and research thoroughly about how the crypto industry works, blockchain technology, and most importantly: investing in digital assets.

All investment or financial opinions on behalf of NFTexpress should not be taken as recommendations. This article is informational/educational material. Before making any type of investment do your own research.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.