Explore the best NFT collections and marketplaces on the Hedera Blockchain.

With Hedera’s network, NFTs can operate at high speed with up to 10,000 transactions per second, thanks to Hashgraph. Hedera is characterized for being a public, open source and sustainable network, with very low fees.

We can mention some examples that allow us to visualize the low costs of operating in such a network. Through its official websitethey state that to create an NFT Collection, the“Fixed Fee” (since the denomination in USD is used but paid in its native token $HBAR) is only $1.00 USD. To mine an NFT or associate a token with an account, the fee is $0.05 USD, and to transfer an NFT is $0.01 USD.

About Hedera’s blockchain

It is an open source, public, near-zero pollution, proof-of-stake blockchain that uses the Hashgraph consensus algorithm. Hashgraph is a faster and more secure alternative to blockchain consensus mechanisms.

Hashgraph was created by Leemon Baird Hedera, and guarantees the highest level of security to prevent malicious attacks. Once a consensus is reached, the transaction is immutable and available in the public ledger for all to see, providing a higher level of transparency.

It is governed by a decentralized governance board of companies, universities and web3 projects from around the world. In turn, it allows developers to create real-time web3 applications with the Ethereum Virtual Machine(EVM) optimized for Hedera Virtual Machine(HVM) smart contract performance.

Thanks to Hashgraph’s consensus algorithm, it ensures that Herdera’s blockchain is the most sustainable public network in the ecosystem, based on average energy consumption per transaction, according to a recent study by University College London.

Also, from their website they set out the steps to get started in the public and open source Hedera network to develop or collect an NFT.

Which wallet to use?

First of all, you must have a wallet compatible with the Hedera network. To do this, you need to create an account, buy $HBAR and link it to a marketplace operating on the Hedera blockchain.

Among the main wallets operating in this network are the following HashPacka non-custodied wallet that in turn functions as a portal for Hedera’s dApps, DeFi and NFTs. This wallet is supported by Hedera and is available for iOS, Android, Chrome, among others.

Through HashPack you can connect the wallet with Hedera’s dApps, exchange and staking tokens in seconds, visualize your own NFTs, and much more. It also provides an extra level of security, in addition to offering Ledger support.


Then, you can enter one of the marketplaces that operate in this network, to view collections and buy the NFTs that you like the most. Among the most important ones, we can mention the following:

HashAxis: It is a worldwide NFT marketplace, built in Hedera, for digital collectibles and NFT. There we can find the most important NFT collections, classified by volume, initial price, among other characteristics.

ZuseMarketZuseMarket: This is another marketplace developed in Hedera, whose main objective is to make simple NFTs. It offers a fairly intuitive platform with a very user-friendly web design.

TurtlemoonTurtlemoon: It is a platform that offers a great amount of services and web3 tools. From Launchpads NFTs, Hedera API services, being able to mine NFTs with promotional codes, open source tools to mine NFTs, and even announced that soon will be available NFT musical experiences on Hedera.

NFT Collections

Currently, there are more than 500 NFT communities built on the Hedera blockchain, but we will only name some of the most important ones.

Warsome Wizards: According to official project information published in the project’s White Paperit is one of the largest NFT collections of Hedera.

It has a total of 4200 Wizards NFTs, the Mint price per whitelist was 450HBAR and the general public at 550HBAR. The designs are based on 4 main prototypes, which each have 1025 random leads.

Dead Pixels ClubDead Pixels Club: It is a collection of 10,000 NFTs, whose team is composed of digital artists, designers and creators with more than 10 years of experience in the development of online communities.

Koala KlubKoala Klub: This is another of Hedera’s largest projects, consisting of 5,555 NFTs consisting of randomly generated Koalas, based on hand-drawn pictures. Every week, 5 new NFTs are released.

Written by Luciano Garriga (Tw: luchogarriga) for NFT Express.

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