BBVA Mexico launches NFT collection for its 90th Anniversary

The reason for the launching of the NFT collection is due to the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the NFT headquarters in the country. The collection is called “90 Years with Mexico Collection”.

Every day more and more companies and big celebrities are highlighting the great potential offered by Web3, NFTs, and blockchain technology, so some important players such as financial institutions are no strangers to this.

And as we we have previously announced from NFTexpress, this is not the first time that the famous BBVA bank has decided to link up with these new technologies. In mid-December, a branch of the company communicated its decision to celebrate Christmas in the metaverse with its employees.

In this opportunity, a Mexican branch of the renowned BBVA bank has been in the news in recent days for deciding to celebrate its 90th anniversary in a very particular way: with the launch of a collection of 90 non-fungible tokens. launch of a collection of 90 non-fungible tokens, which have beenwhich have been developed on the Avalance blockchain (AVAX).

From their official account, they maintain that they have maintained a firm commitment to the change that began to develop in 1932. Subsequently, in 2000, the objectives of two financial groups from Mexico and Spain were combined: Bancomer and BBVA.

At the end of 2022, BBVA Mexico will be 90 years old, pursuing the same goals since its inception, the customer experience and the evolution in the adoption of ideas, innovation and updating.

The collection of the 90 NFTs can be viewed from the the official website where they announced that the first NFTs of the collection will be given away for free. These tokens bear designs inspired by Mexican traditions, paying tribute to the culture of their country.

On the other hand, the official Avalanche account (English) have welcomed BBVA bank to Web3, with the news of the launch of its NFTs. The official public announcement of this new collection took place during the Mexico City-based event called CDM3X.

The announcement was made by Sergio Torres Lebrijawho holds the position of Head of Innovations, Strategy & Sustainability; together with Diego del Olmo, who holds the role of Head of Blockchain & Digital Assets, both of whom are part of the BBVA Mexico staff.

On the other hand, the bank maintains that these NFTs are for personal use only, and no commercial or lucrative use by the token holder is allowed. This collection has been minted in 2022, when the bank celebrated its 90th anniversary.


Days before the event of the NFT collection at the Mexican headquarters, BBVA announced its partnership with the company Dalion, whose project works on a way to manage digital identity, using blockchain technology, so that citizens can manage their data through a mobile application.

Among Dalion’s main objectives is the development of a digital wallet for users to decide how and with whom to share personal data.

In this way, the bank says that Dalion allows companies to participate in the transition to a new digital future, prioritizing security, integrity and data quality.

Antonio Macías Vecino, in charge of payment methods at BBVA headquarters in Spain, said that BBVA maintains that digital identity is a key element in the digital relationship between any company and its customers.

And it is here where Dalion plays a fundamental role, whose main objective is to offer a great framework of guarantees to address such initiatives, where the quality and protection of private data of each digital identity is prioritized.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express