BBVA exhibits 2 NFT collections at the Meta World Congress

Once again BBVA bank takes a new step in the web3 and NFT field, by presenting two projects at the congress, one minted on the Polygon blockchain, and the other on Avalanche.

This is not the first time that a financial institution has decided to enter the web3 field to take part in this trend, which is constantly adding new players.

Precisely, BBVA itself has already carried out several actions previously to take active participation in the NFT and web3 environment, as we have reported in the respective note from NFTexpress.

On this occasion, the financial institution has announced the presentation of two NFT collections at the Meta World Congress. Meta World Congressan event taking place in Madrid, Spain. These collections are minted on the Polygon and Avalanche blockchain respectively.

Guillermo Delgado, head of engineering at BBVA Spain, said that the bank wanted to explore this new technology in order to better understand how it works, as they believe it is destined to change the way we interact with digital assets.

He also points out that this exhibition of both collections allows them to commemorate the 90th anniversary of BBVA Mexico, and to add value to green spaces in cities.

In this way, the first collection that has been minted on Polygon’s blockchain, promotes the enhancement of the various green spaces in the different cities.

Regarding the second collection minted on the Avalanche network, it is the one that has been made by collecting a series of artistic creations to celebrate the 90th anniversary of BBVA Mexico.

As stated on the official website of the financial institution, both collections are exhibited in the immersive spaces developed by Alvearium and Legendaryum, in order to celebrate the Meta World Congress in Madrid, whose main focus is on the web3 ecosystem, the metaverse, augmented reality and virtual reality.

In this regard, BBVA and The Overview Effectthe innovation company that helps companies to achieve a positive impact from their business approach, took the initiative to explore NFTs for a use case with positive effects on the environment.

Nahin Saldaña, who occupies the role of Impact Strategist at The Overview Effect, said that NFTs are closely related to art, and as such must respond to different social and environmental problems. In this case, they seek to highlight the importance of nature and the silence of cities.

These collections, exhibited at the congress, have the characteristic that each NFT represents a unique Oasis in Madrid, which has been previously located through geospatial data.

Through a 3D scan of the location, they have been able to develop geographic points that are converted into various digital works in the form of non-fungible tokens. These collectibles tell the story of a seed that must go through various challenges until it is transformed into an oasis. Only the holder of an NFT will be able to obtain the coordinates of this urban oasis.

Written by Luciano Garriga (Tw: luchogarriga) for NFT Express.

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