BBVA celebrates Christmas in the metaverse with its employees

The company officially announced that it is looking to close a year full of success thanks to the efforts of its employees, and wants to celebrate it in the metaverse.

Day by day we see how the tendency of many companies to link up with the Web3 world continues to grow, and in this case precisely with metaverses. BBVA is no exception, since in June it announced its plans to explore financial services in the metaverse.

At that time, the company presented at South Summit the BBVA Virtual Space, an immersive environment through which the bank aims to discover new ways of engaging with customers through the metaverse. With this tool, the bank can experience what a virtual reality-based banking service would be like.

Subsequently, in October, he also showed interest in the blockchain technology and the digital economy. The Mexico office was in charge of launching the first Digital Economy FundThe Mexican headquarters was in charge of launching the first Digital Economy Fund, whose objective was to offer financial services to its clients, such as the possibility of investing in digital projects, NFTs, metaverse, and many businesses linked to the Web3 field.

On this occasion, the financial institution aims to celebrating the Christmas holidays with the headquarters of Ciudad BBVA Madrid, through solidarity and volunteer actions. But in addition to the charity celebration, the metaverse will achieve for the first time that BBVA bank employees can share in an event the pre-Christmas celebrations.

The bank has its own virtual space, where any employee of the company can interact with other employees. This space is set in the La VelaThe bank’s headquarters building in Madrid, where employees will be able to interact and participate in recreational activities.

Imma Catalá, who holds the position of Global Head of Culture and Engagement at BBVA, said that the metaverse offers a place with many possibilities to feel teammates, beyond the physical distance between them, which reinforces the feeling of belonging and team.

Imma also believes that these technologies will have a great impact on the financial industry, so BBVA is conducting tests to find out how they can help solve different financial issues, how to be more efficient or develop innovative experiences for customers; issues that have been successfully evaluated at the South Summit event held in June this year.


The bank has organized activities at various locations around the world. Carlos Torres Vila and Onur Genç, Chairman and CEO, will celebrate the festivities from the Madrid headquarters, the main theme of which will be sustainability.

For this reason, the company invited some of the sustainable producers who have been recognized for their commitment to sustainability. the entity has awarded for their commitment to sustainability, including farmers, producers and ranchers.

As we announced at the beginning of this article, solidarity actions are not alien to this celebration, so the company will organize more than 30 volunteer actions related to toy and food donations, as well as support to vulnerable sectors worldwide.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express