Avatar Madballs & The Sandbox sweepstakes at NFTexpress for our 500 items

We are celebrating that we have reached 500 items on our website and we want to share our happiness with you. That’s why we are raffling an Avatar from the Madballs & The Sandbox collection.

To celebrate reaching 500 articles published in NFTexpress, we are raffling a Madballs & The Sandbox Avatar for our official Twitter. There is time to participate until March 30 and you only have to follow NFTexpress and retweet the tweet of the raffle.

Madballsis an iconic 1980s property that sold millions of toys since its launch. The Sandbox partnered with this company and together they developed digital collectibles and the introduction of a unique Avatar collection.

Each Avatar is based on the original, outrageously obnoxious Madballs characters. As you can see from the cover story, the Madballs from their inception are never-before-seen designs from the 1980s, with creepy faces, grotesque names and disturbingly funny attitudes to match.

In addition, the Avatars are customized with unique randomly generated traits, each Madball features more than 20 hand-crafted animations and will offer a one-of-a-kind experience in the metaverse of The Sandbox. YOU CAN HAVE ONE!

The opening date for the permitted list began on February 28 and the closing date was March 6. Then, on March 7 was the Pre-Mint and the revelation was announced on March 10. NFTexpress was in charge of carrying out all these actions in order to raffle an AVATAR MADBALLS on March 30 through our official Twitter.

The NFTs Madballs Avatars will have a new home which will be The Sandbox and you can be part of this new collection thanks to the NFTexpress raffle of one of the Avatars of the collection.

On the other hand, it has already been confirmed that The Sandbox and Madballs will launch challenges, events and different benefits in the LAND of the iconic brand of horrendous toys.

The winner of our Twitter sweepstakes for one of the Avatars will also be able to unlock utilities and earn specific rewards during upcoming events, including a new multiplayer experience, which will give the Avatar holder access to a special set of rewards.

Also, if you enter the sweepstakes and are lucky enough to win the Modballs NFT, you can receive a great surprise from Madballs Madness. One of the brand’s tools to combine with your Virtual Madballs Avatar.

What are you waiting for? Join the NFTexpress sweepstakes for our 500 items and participate for an NFT Avatar from the Madballs & The Sandbox collection with all these benefits included.

Don’t forget to participate! There is time until March 30, just follow us on our official Twitter and retweet the sweepstakes tweet and you are already participating for the NFT Avatar from the official Madballs collection together with The Sandbox.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.