Authentic Vision to launch a NFT collection together with Crypto Gin on IOTA

Authentic Vision partnered with CryptoGin to launch a NFT collection of 100 bottles that will live on the IOTA blockchain. They are based on DLT solutions and with the protocol created by Authentic Vision called Meta Anchor, copy-proof technology.

Authentic Visionis a company based in Salzburg, Austria, that aims to provide mobile authentication systems designed to protect brands, products and consumers around the world.

A few days ago, they confirmed the partnership together with. Crypto Gina company that offers handcrafted Gin products, the famous alcoholic beverage, and uses blockchain technology to store production and distribution data in a secure and immutable way.

Both projects, pledged to launch a new collection of NFTs consisting of 100 bottles, which will live on the blockchain IOTA. In addition, Authentic Vision will use its own technology called Meta Anchor to make the NFTs copy-proof resistant and ensure the true provenance of the bottles and non-fungible tokens.

To be more precise, last December 26, the provider of anti-counterfeiting and product authentication solutions, announced via its official Twitter that it will be launching a new collection of NFTs. Authentic Visionannounced via their official Twitter that they will launch a new collection of NFTs in collaboration with Crypto Gin, on DLT-based solutions.

DLT stands for Distributed Ledger Technology, which is an electronic system or also known as a database to record information not executed by a single entity. This technology allows the storage and use of decentralized and distributed data in a private or public way.

On the other hand, Crypto Gin is a company that leverages blockchain technology to store production and distribution data securely and immutably. In addition, Crypto Gin seeks to break down that barrier between the physical and digital world. Accordingly, there will be 100 IRL bottles of the alcoholic beverage, which will have a digital representation in the form of non-fungible tokens.

The new collection between these companies will feature a total of 100 bottles of Gin and will be on IOTA, one of the most promising blockchains in the ecosystem.

Thanks to this alliance, it will also use Meta AnchorThe technology created by Authentic Vision, which allows the use of a holographic fingerprint that can only be used once, will also be used.

Therefore, it is a copy-proof protocol and has been quite successful in brand protection, since a product can be anchored in both the physical and digital world in a secure and unique way.

Thomas Weissfounder and CEO of Authentic Vision spoke about this new NFT collection with Crypto Gin and said that soon, the physical world will be mirrored in the virtual world and that every object will have a virtual twin, which will offer large companies the opportunity to create and monetize additional value.

Also, he added that when users scan the Meta Anchor using the native Authentic Vision application, they will be able to easily unlock the stock or digital assets while providing real-time data and analytics.

IOTA and the NFTs to expand the ecosystem.

IOTAis advancing in the NFTs ecosystem and have made its blockchain network one of the potential destinations for successful non-fungible token projects.

Earlier this year, IOTA introduced its Shimmer test network for developers to make new features just for testing before introducing them to the main IOTA network.

The network ShimmerThe Shimmer network facilitates transactions of NFTs while offering security guarantees and properties just like the real IOTA blockchain. Also, anyone can create and mint their non-fungible tokens on the Shimmer proof-of-concept blockchain.

On the other hand, while new NFTs are being minted on the Shimmer network, its native token $SMR token serves as a storage depot. In addition, the network does not charge any fees for minting or transferring NFTs on the platform and NFTs can function as wallets.

In addition, the network Shimmer allows other NFT tokens to be received and maintained, enabling users to unlock new, innovative and interesting use cases.

Finally, Authentic Vision is not the first time it has supported the launch of NFTs on the IOTA network, as, last month it also contributed to the launch of NFTs for Colton Beverage.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.