AURA-VTV: NFT art gallery to be held for the first time in Arteba

AURA-VTV will be the first NFT gallery to present Arteba, one of the most important events taking place in Buenos Aires, which in this case will feature an exhibition by Franco Palliof with the premise of “questioning the relationship between the virtual and the physical”.

Today will be the new edition of Arteba, an event that brings together different contemporary art staff, which will take place at the Costa Salguero Center in the City of Buenos Aires, on October 7, 8 and 9, where one of the main attractions will be “Aura-VTV”, the first NFT gallery to be exhibited at one of the most important international art fairs.

Aura-VTV is a project made up of young people linked to both art and technology who seek to develop, produce and accompany the creative processes of interdisciplinary artists in order to rethink the space and forms of exhibition. This is where Franco Palliofan Argentine artist who is currently living in Berlin, Germany. He is a nuclear engineer and applies part of his academic training to create robotic, interactive and intelligent targets. Aura-VTV and Franco Palliof will present this NFT gallery at Arteba, thanks to the rise of digital art and the new possibilities of its commercialization. The premise on this occasion will be to present various works by Palliof at the Kavro stand to “question the relationship between the virtual and the physical” with a show of different expressive edges such as sculpture, robotics, 3D images and oil painting.

What is Aura-VTV?Aura-VTV Aura-VTV is surrounded by curators, historians, artists and programmers who join forces and knowledge to collaborate as essential participants of a new generation of contemporary artists. The goal of this project is to provide solutions to the needs of inserting digital and multimedia art in the exhibition space. They want to do this thanks to the technology provided by NFTs and the development of tools to exhibit works of art.

The team is composed of two projects:

  • Aura: In charge of digital art curatorship and focused on the possibility of registering digital files in the blockchain.

  • VTV: Dedicated to the development and recycling of hardware to exhibit these digital works, rethinking the uses of space in the exhibition context.

The alliance was generated at the beginning of this year when they exhibited together several digital works at the MAPA fair in La Rural, held in March. They also participated in the SP ARTE Fairin Brazil and in Gallery Circuit Node, Meridianolocated in Argentina.

Consequently, Aura-VTV is currently working on two verticals related to technology that seeks to unite two very specific universes: the digital with NFTs and the physical with the development of innovative hardware.On the one hand, from the digital side, the project wants to create the basis for the insertion of art through blockchain technology and NFTs, with the aim of allowing the commercialization of digital files where each work is identifiable, traceable and unique, achieving the legitimization of digital art. On the hardware side, the idea is to develop innovative technological exhibition possibilities for NFT art.

Who is Franco Palioff?

Franco PalioffFranco Palioff, born in Argentina in 1988, has been living in Berlin since 2021 and is dedicated to the arts in various disciplines. In addition, he has a degree in nuclear engineering and applies his knowledge in this area to create interactive robotic objects and intelligent installations. His ideas are focused on the evolution of the human-machine symbiosis, human violence, social catharsis and the religious stages of the human being.

Among the alternative techniques to the traditional ones, Franco performs 3D mapping with Kinect (photogrammetry), VR, AR, 3D sculpture and printing, robotics and programming in various languages.

He had the honor of having solo and group exhibitions in Argentina, Brazil, Iran, Switzerland and Germany. Currently, he researches 3D generative design with coding techniques and Houdini software, developing 11500 generative NFTs for NewKincoin Berlin, Germany.

What is Arteba?

Arteba is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 1991. Since then, it has tried to generate a positive impact on its community by encouraging the production of contemporary art from all over Argentina and promoting the circulation of artworks so that more people can approach and learn about the conditions of its development.

For more than 30 years they have been organizing one of the most important contemporary art fairs in the country and have obtained good ratings in Latin American and European circuits.

Today will be the first day of this event that will take place at the Costa Salguero Center, located at Avenida Costanera Rafael Obligado 1221, Buenos Aires, Argentina and will be held until Sunday, October 9, with three days of pure art and innovations such as the one that can be seen at the Kavro stand.

Finally, tickets are available through the official website at Arteba and the prices are $1000 ARS for general admission and $500 ARS for retirees and students. Children under 10 years of age and people with disabilities can enter free of charge.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.