Atlante FC of Mexico: the benefits of their NFTs revealed

The benefits of the NFT collection announced in late December 2022 by Mexico’s Atlante FC team have been revealed, as they become one of the latest soccer clubs to launch their own digital collectibles.

As we have reported from NFTexpress in the respective article respective articleAtlante and Héroes NFT Club have formalized an alliance to launch a limited edition NFT collection, seeking to bring the players closer to their fans.

Each NFT will offer various benefits for its holders to take advantage of unique experiences that have never been offered before.

This exclusive collection will take your support of “Los Potros” to another level by offering the unique opportunity to travel with the team to a non-home game, and experience what it’s like to share moments with your soccer idols, room, eat with them and many more benefits.

The benefits

This collection will bring multiple benefits to those who own an NFT Atlante Ultimate. Among them we can name the following:

1) Be an Atlantean player for a day

The NFT holder and two friends will be able to train with the team, play small games, practice with them and even enjoy a break after the game. In addition, they will be able to share a meal with the players after the game.

2) Watch a training session of the players

Also, the NFT holder and two friends will have access to the court once a year to watch a live training session of their favorite players.

3) Remote Ultimate Experience Day

The NFT holder will be able to share a complete travel experience with the team. Go to a hotel, travel by bus, share moments before and after the game, even in the locker room, etc.

This benefit is also for the NFT holder together with two friends, and can be done once a year.

4) Dinner with two team players

The NFT holder will be able to go with three friends to dinner with two of the team’s players, where he/she will be able to ask them any questions he/she wants. This benefit can be redeemed once a year.

5) VIP tickets

You will be able to select the benefit of obtaining two VIP tickets for home games.

6) Signed T-shirt

You will be able to obtain a signed t-shirt each year, on the condition that you continue to have possession of the NFT.

7) Exclusive discount

Obtain a 20% discount for purchases in the team’s online store.

There is still no definite date for the start of the NFT mint, but the website invites interested parties to sign up on the whitelist to be among the first to know about it.

On the other hand, they have established a limitation of up to 5 NFT per person at the time of the initial mint. After being minted on their website, they will be available on the OpenSea marketplace.

About Heroes NFT Club

It was created for true sports fans, as its main objective is to provide them with unique experiences, and allow them to be closer to their idols than ever before.

The team says that Heroes NFT Club is a web3 sports platform to provide fans with the possibility to buy, collect or exchange NFTs that provide unique benefits to different sports experiences with their idols.

On the official website of Heroes NFT Club, there is a link to join their official group of Discord. Likewise, they also have a professional profile in the social network Twitter.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express