Atlante FC teamed up with “Héroes NFT Club” to launch its NFTs

Atlante FC joins Héroes NFT Club for the launch of its non-fungible tokens. Previously, they had already partnered with Pumas UNAM and Necaxa, two other soccer teams that participate in Mexico’s first division.

Heroes NFT Clubis a project that aims to create different non fungible tokens for fans and fanatics of different sports and high performance professions.

On this occasion, the Mexican soccer team joined the launching of NFTs Atlante FC joined this launching of NFTs, where other well-known teams in the league have already participated, such as Pumas UNAM and Necaxa.

Although it is not yet known what benefits and exclusivities will bring the NFTs of Atlante FC, Heroes NFT Club is working hard to build communities and fans of the same sports and/or clubs so that together they can enjoy the acquisition of the non-fungible tokens and at the same time, communicate and talk about their favorite teams.

On the other hand, Heroes NFT Club is working in partnership with Mobile Streams Content Groupa company that offers world-class content through data intelligence. In addition, they specialize in next generation content such as: gaming, e-sports and obviously, NFTs. The goal is to connect global brands and fans through the power of content and non-fungible tokens.

Héroes NFT Club and PUMAS UNAM

The first NFT collection of Heroes NFT Club was from Pumas UNAMone of the most important teams in Mexican soccer. In the first release drop, 4,300 digital collectibles were minted, giving exclusive access to different benefits for fans who purchased at least one NFT.

As a member of Pumas Heroes NFT Club, some of the benefits were:

  • Limited edition merchandise

  • Interaction with players

  • Discount at official Puma stores

  • Exclusive content on the Discord channel

  • Early access for the following releases

  • Giveaways

  • Tickets to the match at Pumas UNAM’s home field

  • Shared ownership of limited edition Pumas artwork

  • Meet & Greet with players such as Dani Alves and Gustavo Del Prete, among others.

Surely, we will see many of these benefits, but taken to the new club that will have official NFTs with the figures of Atlante FC, which currently plays in the second division of Mexican soccer.

Heroes NFT Club and the Mexican National Team

The company also officially partnered with the professional soccer team that participated in the last World Cup, where it was eliminated in the group stage. Mexico National Team professional soccer team that participated in the last World Cup, where it was eliminated in the group stage.

So far, they have released three editions of different NFTswhich are created on the Solana blockchain and can be accessed by creating an account on the Phantom crypto wallet, the most recognized wallet on the Solana blockchain.

Some of the benefits of this official collection of the Mexican national team are:

  • The opportunity to participate in a raffle to win tickets for the next matches of the Mexican National Mexican National Team men’s soccer team.

  • Win merchandise autographed by players who participated in the last Qatar 2022 World Cup.

  • Multiple discounts in different official marketplaces in Mexico.

Heroes NFT Club and Gaby Lopez

It’s not only soccer teams that work with Heroes NFT Club, as they have currently announced the NFT collection of Gaby Lopezthe best Mexican golfer and one of the best in the world.

She made her debut in 2016 and in 2020 she represented Mexico in the Tokyo Olympics. 2022 was her best year, as she has played all the tournaments of the year. In addition, she has won 3 tournaments of the LPGA and has been the best Latin American player for the last 7 years.

Heroes NFT Club and EFC

They have also allied themselves with the OBEthe largest and most important struggle organization in all of Africa.

Currently, this organization has more than 120 professional athletes and is broadcasted in more than 100 countries around the world.

Heroes NFT Club will provide NFTs of ten annual live events. Among the most important are:

  • World Heavyweight Championship

  • Lightweight World Championship

  • Welterweight World Championship

  • Featherweight World Championship

  • Bantamweight World Championship

  • Flyweight World Championship

  • Women’s Flyweight World Championship

  • Women’s World Heavyweight Championship

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.