Asus enters the metaverse with its NFT Art Black Hole platform

The computer products giant has entered Web 3.0 with the launch of its NFT platform called Art Black Hole.

The globally recognized brand ASUS has developed its own NFT platform through its wholly owned subsidiary brand, ASUS Metaverse Inc. This subsidiary was born with a specific target, which is content creators, as well as seeking to create new immersive experiences for NFT holders and owners.

This project is driven by the full support and technology expertise of the ASUS brand, particularly in cloud services, Artificial Intelligence (AR), and Blockchain.


Joe Hsieh, who serves as chief operating officer of ASUS, expressed the company’s motives for entering the Web3 and specifically the metaverse. He explained that ASUS is constantly on the lookout for the creation of new technologies and industries, especially those related to Web3. Therefore, they have developed a new subsidiary company to express their decision to operate in the metaverse.

The COO also said that the company’s first step has been to develop an NFT platform and to invite content creators from multiple fields to partner with them.

Art Black Hole’s goal is to support the creators of non-fungible tokens, whether they are artists, designers, among others, to promote their work and to facilitate their connections with their viewers, and in turn to increase them.

On the other hand, it seeks to make it easier for collectors to buy the collectible artworks they like the most. In short, its motto is to make it easy and fast for content creators and artists, as well as for collectors, to enter the metaverse.


This NFT metaverse seeks to be a space where art, fashion, games and much more come together. A differential with other NFT platforms is that Art Black Hole prioritizes and guarantees that the works of art offered for sale are genuine, high quality and limited collections.

All artworks on the ASUS platform have been authenticated by expert artists and ASUS Metaverse. In addition, these experts provide a brief commentary on each artwork so that interested parties can appreciate the value of the art on a higher level and feel confident about the items they are purchasing.


Another feature that stands out from ASUS, is that those interested in buying NFT on its platform, not only will be buying digital designs, but they will get special benefits to each owner of these non-fungible tokens.

One of the examples is the possibility to interact with artists in private exhibitions around the world, or painting courses. All NFT owners will have access to future events by the ASUS Metaverse company. In this way, they are offered to build a closer bond with their followers.


At the same time, they state that NFT purchases are safe, since they can be purchased with FIAT money (dollar, euro, pounds, etc.), and it is not necessary to use cryptocurrencies. All that is needed is a credit card, thus making it easier for millions of people to buy a digital collectible.

On the other hand, another positive issue is that NFTs are tied to the dollar value, and not to a specific cryptocurrency, so they will not be tied to market value fluctuations.

Another important issue is security, and the team states that they have carried out several tests against malicious attacks, and that their smart contracts are audited by a third party, in order to provide greater security to users and contracts.

Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express