ASTROGUYS: NFT collection of dreams and space travels

ASTROGUYS, the new collection led by Mati Serrano, has the mission to reach the real space and fulfill the dreams of the “dreamers” community.

ASTROGUYS, is a project that aims to take their NFTs into space and fulfill the dreams of the community that will join their project. The first expedition is planned to reach the stratosphere, and the AstroGuys that are selected will have the benefit of being the commanders of the mission and will also receive a free NFT from them in space.

How do they plan to accomplish this feat? It will be by means of a Weather Balloon that will contain internal cameras, with the objective of recording and capturing the whole process of the AstroGuys at the edge of space.

On the other hand, while all of this is being created and moving from mission to reality, the creators of the project, led by Mati SerranoES Soluciones Empresariales and the Dezure studio, want to fulfill the community dreams of the people who invest in the NFT collection.

AstroGuys non-fungible token holders will be able to post their dreams and 50% of the sales proceeds will be available in GuysBank to achieve these community goals.

Subsequently, when the second sale is sold out, two AstroGuys Holder will be chosen at random to achieve the dreams they previously proposed. Once the first expedition has been completed and the first two dreams come true, the project managers will randomly choose one AstroGuy per month to achieve their dream.

In its official websiteIn its official website, it is shown that applicants can propose any type of dream, ranging from the purchase of a cell phone, computer, to travel or help to open a business, pay for studies, treatments, among other things. In addition, it is explicitly stated that the dreams will come true if the winners who postulated the illusion are NFT holders.

The private minis began last September and in October the public minis will start. The collection consists of 10,000 unique AstroGuys divided by rarities and when the releases are sold out, there will be an IRL event where they will be recorded for the whole community.

The AstroGuys will be like this. Specially designed in 3D format by Matias Serrano.

Among other benefits offered by the project beyond the missions and objectives already mentioned are: the development of physical AstroGuys and exclusive access to them for cardholders. Also, the creation of metallic credit cards with Guys designs. Other community-driven projects delivered by all cardholders, exclusive access to restaurants, bars and events.

Finally, develop a game called “Catch the Dream”, which will reward the best scores of the month.

GuysCoin, the official cryptoasset of the AstroGuys project.

The collection AstroGuys will have its own token called “GuysCoin”, it will be based on the Polygon blockchain and will be used as a reward or incentive for members of the astronomer community. Among the benefits can be found NFTs, merchandising, exclusive roles in the official Discord and even be used as official currency in official events that will be made by the creators.

Finally, the collection’s official social networks are as follows:

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.