Artpoint NFT: the digital art project that is growing in the industry

Artpoint NFT, is a project that promotes digital art since 2019 and aims to represent digital artists democratizing access to art. In this note of NFTexpress we will know its history and its projection to grow more and more in the industry.

Art, and especially digital art, is revolutionizing by leaps and bounds. Artpoint wants everyone to experience this new ecosystem. While, Artpoint has been around since 2019, the NFT art market has skyrocketed especially in the last two years. This project allows to collect NFTs and track their exhibition in the real world, as, they aim to merge both worlds and have everything coexist together because for Artpoint it is crucial for the artist to be recognized in every possible aspect.

By connecting artists, collectors and businesses, Artpoint seeks to change how and where art is viewed. Community is crucial in this space and the team behind this project knows it. They want to provide exclusive benefits and perks for those who join.

NFT’s first release in this ecosystem is called “The Cabinet of Imagined Worlds” and features fabulous art by Benjamin Bardou, Gaël Coboz, Julie Berger Lindh and David Szauder. They will be on sale from November 2 with pricing in ETH, Ethereum’s native currency.

Artpoint is founded by Laurie Bonin y Julie Corver in 2019 and seek to be the platform on which to navigate the new digital art of the 21st century. It allows people to experience digital art naturally with a so-called “collectors first” approach.

They are also creating a wide network of multiple exhibitions to make it possible to view digital art in NFT format and public venues. They work with more than 250 artists who produce amazing NFTs and Artpoint bridges the gap between the artist’s wallet and the real world.

Exhibitions in public places to display these beautiful arts will be hotels, corporate offices, shopping malls, train stations and airports, among many others. The result will provide the public space, the collector and the artist the opportunity for growth and success.

The community in Artpoint is the main feature for the project. Artists can connect with collectors in this ever-expanding ecosystem in order to find the art they like the most.

The more than 250 international artists Artpoint works with put their digital works through a curation process and then create curated exhibitions with the mission of showcasing diverse and spectacular art to communities.

Collectors who purchase any NFT on the platform will have access to a variety of exclusive benefits such as the following:

  • Receive invitations to special events and openings at public or private events.

  • Participate in the curatorship of exhibitions.

  • Interact with artists on a 1:1 basis in person as well as virtually.

  • Obtain discounts from partners who fund an exhibition such as: a spa, free drinks at hotel bars, discounts at shopping malls, etc.

  • Join the “Collectors Club” where private information and upcoming Artpoint projects will be provided before going public.

As we have reviewed, the first curated collection of NFT art by the Artpoint team is called: “The Cabinet of Imagined Worlds”. The four artists that are part of this project were referred to as otherworldly.

The theme of the NFT works are “a vision of parallel realities that could only live in the depths of personal fantasies, memories or even nightmares”.

The Cabinet of Imagined Worlds art exhibition will be at The Sandbox facility located in Paris on November 2.

This collection is inspired by the historical art collections of various extraordinary objects during the 18th century. They are known as Cabinets of Curiosities and also Rooms of Wonders, two recognized collections during that period of time.

In addition, stories will be told about the wonders of the natural world and oddities that exist in it, using modern technology, photogrammetry, 3D and artificial intelligence. All will be presented by the four artists who want to demonstrate a new concept of digital art.

The first pre-sale of Artpoint oriented to NFTs will start on October 31 and the public sale will be on November 2. This will be followed by an exclusive private exhibition at Sandbox’s offices in Paris, France.

Gaël Corboz, Benjamin Bardou, Julie Berger Lindh y David Szauder are the four artists who will have the honor of welcoming you to Artpoint’s new NFT art.

Collection information

Prices will start at 0.07 ETH for some NFTs and go up to 4 ETH for others. Also, some NFTs are 1:1 and others are 100-unit editions.

Below, we review two non-fungible tokens from each artist:

Gael Coboz

Benjamin Bardo.

Julie Berger Lindh.

David Szauder

NFT piece by Julie Lindh

Finally, interested users can join the waiting list to participate in Artpoint’s new NFT collection. here. Also, you can follow them on Twitter and join their Discord.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.