Arsenal England launches NFTs collection in partnership with Staynex and Enjinstarter

England’s Arsenal have struck a partnership with Staynex, a travel company developed using blockchain technology. They have already communicated the creation of an NFT collection where owners will earn tickets to club matches and luxury accommodation, among other benefits.

Staynexa next-generation holiday membership platform, developed through blockchain technology, has partnered with English club Arsenal, with the aim of launching non-fungible tokens with multiple benefits and exclusive opportunities for the owners of these assets.

This new service between the two entities will offer Arsenal fans unique access to match tickets and luxury accommodation through NFTs called ‘Arsenal Journey Pass’. The campaign will begin on April 7 and the draw for the non-fungible tokens can be entered now here.

As I mentioned earlier, the Arsenal FC agreed its entry into the NFT universe alongside Staynex, a vacation marketplace using blockchain technology, but has also struck a partnership with Enjinstarter, a blockchain-based platform for video game creation and development.

Going back to the news of the Staynex alliance, this first NFT collection first NFT collection consists of 400 non-fungible digital assets that will grant holders access to Arsenal match tickets, hotel stays, in-person events, exclusivity for future launches, vacations and much more.

Each NFT was created as a red pass and the shape of the Staynex logo, which is accompanied with the English club crest, which was developed by Nike along with a more stylized version of the traditional Arsenal cannon.

Image of the Arsenal and Staynex NFT – source: Official Twitter of the project

Learn more about this NFT collection between Arsenal and Staynex

The launch of this new collection between the team led by Mikel Arteta and the company led by Bernard Lau, includes a total of 400 non-fungible tokens that will be available through the BNB Network.

Of the total digital collectibles, there will be a division into two parts which will be as follows:

First, 340 NFTs called “Gunners” will be available which will unlock general and club level access to a match and accommodation at 4-star hotels.

Secondly, the remaining 60 NFTs called “Legendary” will have benefits such as access to boxes and 5-star accommodations.

On the other hand, holders of non-fungible tokens will be able to choose between four games and at the same time, they will receive the benefit of premium access to the Staynex platform, where users can purchase and acquire vacation packages based exclusively on NFTs.

The aforementioned Bernard Lauwho is CEO of Staynex, spoke about this partnership and expressed his happiness in allowing soccer fans to be offered access to the stadium and hotels through NFTs. He further added that this partnership specifically demonstrates the company’s intentions to offer real value and utility through blockchain technology.

Other contests and special giveaways

Along with the launch of the Arsenal Journey PassStaynex announced a special contest that includes exclusive giveaways for Arsenal FC fans.

Participants will be eligible to win free passes to various games and stadiums at luxury hotels. Also, sweepstakes winners will gain access to exclusive, in-person events, other NFTs and more.

Enjinstarter, the other Web3 company with which the English club struck a partnership, is a leading platform for advising and launching products and services using blockchain technology.

Among the benefits of this partnership, the members of the Enjinstarter community will receive exclusive early access to the Arsenal Journey Pass collection, even before they are available to the general public.

Finally, this is not the first time that Arsenal has joined Web3 technology. Last year, the English club struck a partnership with Unagi to create a blockchain-enabled fantasy soccer game called Ultimate Championswhere users can earn money and buy digital player card NFTs.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.