Arianee partners with POAP to bring digital assistances to everyone

Arianee, one of the leading platforms in Web3 solutions, partnered with POAP, the most important project in NFT assistance identification, with the objective of making it easier for users to mint badges in the Arianee NFT management platform.

Arianeethe Paris-based luxury and fashion Web3 platform, confirmed a partnership with POAP Studio to bring digital proof of attendance to everyone. The goal of these two companies is to introduce several new features that will enable brands to mint POAPs directly from the Arianee NFT management platform. As a result, the two Web3 projects want to drive mass adoption of proof-of-attendance tokens and make them more accessible to users.

This new partnership is clearly a significant benefit to both companies, as Arianee is a Web3 solutions platform that works with several world-renowned companies such as YSL Beauty, Moncler, IWC y Breitling, among others.

POAP for its part, will also benefit from Arianee’s customers, as, Arianee’s non-fungible token marketplace is running successfully with approximately 900,000 NFTs minted on the platform so far.

In addition, as we review day by day at NFTexpress, we see brands from all over the world starting to engage with blockchain technology and Web3 in order to find new users and connect them through a digital and physical space at the same time.

Much of this adoption is due to POAP and its digital NFT attendance certificates that made the industry have an exponential growth during 2022 especially.

It was also announced that through this commercial alliance, both companies will provide users with a new and advanced POAPs visualization interface that will significantly improve interoperability and UX (user experience).

Pierre-Nicolas HurstelCEO and co-founder of Arianee spoke after this partnership with POAP and said that until now his company provided brands with its technology to tokenize any type of service, such as products, memberships and commitments. Then, he added that with POAP, they will be able to tokenize participation, since this protocol is the best in the world.

How Arianee will enable your customers to easily access POAP

So far, people who apply for a POAP but do not have a cryptographic wallet had to enter their email address and the POAP would be reserved for them until a wallet was created and set up so they could claim it.

With this strategic alliance, the technology provided by Arianee will allow the user to view the POAP and generate a wallet address using the same link. This will allow for enhanced Arianee such as time-stamping and messaging.

POAP has already collaborated with different brands such as Vogue, Christian Louboutin and Kenzo. The latter allowed customers to use POAP tokens to prove their attendance at an event in Japan, held in August this year).

Lucas Verraone of the founders of POAP Studio, spoke about the alliance with Arianee and said that although the best known proof of support provider has not yet reached mass adoption, the process and alliances they are generating with different Web3 brands will make it possible for many users who still do not have a wallet to do so in a simple way, as in the case of Arianee, which will directly create a wallet with the same POAP minting link. He concluded by saying that this is one more step in the incorporation of millions of users to this new technology and way of demonstrating assistance.

Final Conclusions

The benefits that this partnership can achieve will be enormous, since, first of all, brands will be able to mint POAP badges directly from the Arianee NFT Management platform.

Also, users will have the opportunity to view their POAPs in the same gallery as other NFTs of the Polygon thanks to the Arianee Protocol that allows them to do so without changing network.

Finally, thanks to this alliance, POAP will be able to potentially increase its adoption and innovation with its protocol, which is clearly the most chosen in the crypto ecosystem, but still lacks adoption and popularity in brands and projects that were created on the web2.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.