Antique Rackets Collection: Slava Babienko converts his antique tennis rackets into high-resolution NFTs

Slava Babienko, entrepreneur and tennis enthusiast will turn tennis rackets dating from 1800 to 1900 into NFTs. However, they will not only be digital collectibles, but will also be delivered in physical form alongside the digital asset.

Slava BabienkoSlava Babienko, entrepreneur and tennis enthusiast converted his tennis collection dating from 1800 to 1900 into non fungible tokens (NFT).

The project is called “Antique Rackets” and includes 91 different iconic and historic models, such as an 1896 model from the renowned American manufacturer AG Spalding & Bros and the 1910 model from Brothers Tsygankov manufacturing.

The digital collectibles are animated and top-notch. In addition, all models are virtually replicated and shown in 360-degree animation and will be delivered to buyers along with the original physical product of the time.

Babienko, along with his team, created the non-fungible tokens using a special scanner, which helped produce a copy of each complete NFT from the actual existing exhibits.

Antique Rackets is now available on OpenSea, one of the leading marketplaces in the NFT ecosystem; each non-fungible token of the rackets are worth between 0.22 ETH and 0.92 ETH, or approximately $500 to $2000 USD.

In addition, Slava confirmed that some vintage tennis rackets will be physically auctioned. They are unique and the event will be held during the Roland-Garros tournament, which will take place from May 28 to June 11 in Paris, France, as every year since 1891.

On the other hand, beyond the rackets, different trophies, balls and medals are being sold as NFTs that collector and current CEO of Koronapay has been collecting during his years as a fan of this great sport.

NFT from the Antique Rackets Collection

Statements by Slava Babienko

Babienko spoke about his project and said that like any collector, he enjoys the thrill of searching for rare and unique items, and thanks to his love for tennis, he has managed to assemble one of the largest collections of rackets and other antique and original artifacts such as tennis balls, tournament cups and also tennis-themed postage stamps in the CIS.

On the other hand, he added that after a decade of preparation, he is finally ready to share this collection of 91 objects. collection of 91 objects with other tennis enthusiasts and fans.

Then, he said that thanks to his work and experience in the technological world, he has recognized that the collector’s world is changing rapidly, since NFTs have revolutionized the way people interact with digital art and with any type of collectible.

Accordingly, Babienko ended his remarks by saying that this is why he was inspired to create the high-resolution NFTs for each target in his tennis collection and has invested around $100,000 USD in the team in charge of producing the 3D collectibles and those in charge of producing even the smallest detail, preserving every crack, wear and tear one would expect to see in a historical item.

The completely new approach to acquiring antique objects through NFT technology allows reaching a wider audience, as, previously, these iconic artifacts were only seen by other collectors, family or friends.

Finally, collecting rare objects will become more and more attractive to lovers of this activity and young and tech-savvy people will mark a digital footprint on the new Internet called Web3. In addition, collecting NFTs has an educational value, as it is another way to preserve the memory and image of iconic artifacts from previous centuries such as these 1800/1900s rackets.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.