An NFT collection dedicated to soccer fans

It is DaGOATs, an NFT collection that will be in charge of bringing soccer fans to the web3, and more precisely to those passionate about the World Cup event to be held in Qatar 2022.

DaGOATs is a collection of generative art, based on different designs of soccer players with particular styles, generated by virtue of more than 120 hand-drawn features. This collection has been generated by a Spanish startup called NFT Tech Labs.

Weeks before the start of the Qatar 2022 World Cup event, this proposal from NFT Tech Labs is unveiled, which seeks to generate a soccer community for fans on the Solana Blockchain, offering a unique NFT collection with hand-drawn designs.

In this collection we can appreciate the collaboration of teams with extensive experience in their respective fields. On the one hand, we find Sport Tech, a company specialized in the soccer industry and the creation of web3 experiences. On the other hand, on the fashion and digital marketing side, we find the incorporation of the fashion firm Republiqe, contributing the artistic talents of its creative director James Gaubert. And they also have the link with Retrofootball, specialists in classic and historical soccer jerseys.

In this way, the combination of all these companies with trajectory in their specialties, bring as a result that each DaGOAT is unique, uniting the history of the sport and the players with the web3 and NFT world, achieving the adhesion of thousands of fans from all over the world.

So we can see how NFT Tech Labs is offering soccer teams a solution for the development of NFT collections, and their fans will have the possibility to get to know them, and even buy their own non-fungible token if they want it.

One of the options they offer is the possibility of creating avatars with multiple designs and facets, modifying the hair in the style of iconic players such as Maradona or Valderrama, choosing jerseys, and many other configurations, leading to a variety of combinations that make it impossible to repeat avatars.

In addition to offering historical jerseys of soccer teams from around the world, and iconic features of different soccer figures, they also have a score prediction game, and other new features that will be announced as the days go by.

NFT Tech Labs is a Spanish technology startup founded by Jaime Reneses and Alejandro Lopez, with which they seek to connect soccer teams with their fans who are interested in linking with the web3 world. In this sense, Jaime Reneses assures that the clubs will be developing various experiences for their fans on the web3 and will have their own technology to develop their own digital assets, with many utilities for their fans.

One of the company’s main objectives is the expansion of these concepts and linkages with hundreds of soccer clubs around the world. All this is materialized through its offering to clubs and federations of a SaaS solution, which allows them to create their own NFT collections, through web3 technology.

As of today, the company has already completed a pre-seed round, counting Liga Santander soccer players as one of its main shareholders, and its next goal is to launch the DaGOATs Lab, for the elaboration of benefits and profits from its NFTs, to offer it to clubs and federations.

The DaGOATs can be purchased in some of the marketplaces to be defined, such as Magic Eden, OpenSea, among others. More information and details can be obtained by accessing the official site of the collection.

Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express