Amazon to release documentary on NFTs and their impact worldwide

Amazon, will launch a documentary series that reflects the impact of the non-fungible token ecosystem and will be titled “NFTMe”. The goal is to provide an understanding of how this new technology positively changed both artists and collectors.

Amazon, aims to bring the wonderful world of NFTs to everyone interested in the subject with its new series titled “NFTMe“, a documentary series that seeks to know how this revolutionary technology directly impacted users, artists and art collectors, offering a deeper look at it and the new possibilities provided by non-fungible tokens.

The program will will be filmed all over the world and will feature the lives and stories of people in different branches associated with NFTs such as artists, collectors, industry professionals, etc.

In addition, the series NFTMe will be streamed on Amazon Prime in the United States and the United Kingdom. Next year it is scheduled to be launched for the rest of the world.

The first season will have six different parts featuring 50 inspirational and pioneering people from around the world, including such celebrities as: music industry singer The Supremes, Susaye GreeneMadonna’s music producer, Peter Rafelsonand the person behind the NFT collection, Cheryl Douglas of Portion, and the person behind the NFT collection, Cheryl Douglas of Portion. Black-Eyed PeasPortion’s Cheryl Douglas.

Also, you will be able to see and hear prominent people such as the Queen of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Diambi Kabatusuila. Another ecosystem influencer to appear is the digital artist of projects such as SpaceX and NASA, Refik Anadolknown for his famous digitized artwork called “Machine Hallucinations: choral“, which was presented on October 3 at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires as part of the “Art Week” celebrated in Argentina a few months ago.

Series produced with the help of Artificial Intelligence

Jonny Caplanknown as an executive director and co-founder of Tech Talk Media, is behind the idea of this documentary series called NFTMe. He started with this idea in 2019, but after a Covid that had him in a bad way, he had to give up part of the production to some AI robots with LiDar sensors.

Consequently, this allowed Caplan to complete the work remotely. With the help of this robotic tool, he was able to direct and communicate with the main characters in the series while working remotely. Thus, NFTMe came to life despite the adversities Caplan had to go through.

The different views of the protagonists

An insider at Tech Talk said the company’s goal with the documentary was for it to be “MTV of NFTs” and for them to be the ones to provide the world with all the information on non-fungible tokens so viewers can learn all the terminology, diversity and opportunity that Web3 can offer.

However, Amazon Prime will be the company that ultimately brings the documentary series into the home of all users who are interested in learning about everything surrounding NFTs.

In the first episode, several Influencers investigate the NFT and blockchain world to discover its full potential. They talk about what is currently happening in this new digital space by observing the communities that are growing every day around Web3.

For example, the Queen Diambi of the Congo, for example, appears in an important role in the first chapter, as she analyzes the impact of the NFTs on her communities, which provides an interesting insight into the different cultures of her territory.

Also, music plays an important role throughout the series, and understandably so because NFTs are booming in the music industry. You can see (spoiler alert!) how an Eminem application over 20 years ago was inspired by non-fungible tokens.

The documentary looks very interesting, as it provides an in-depth look at how NFTs are impacting different communities and industries such as music, art, and Web3 technology in general.

In addition, the producers have created a whole environment around the documentary, to the point of creating a Metaverse and the NFTs to connect directly with future fans of the series.

Final conclusions

While, these are the first foundations in building a Web3 environment, with this crypto winter getting worse and worse, it is good to know that Amazon will put together a series that tells the story of the entire NFT ecosystem that is being created in these last few years.

Moreover, the series dives into the depths of many different industries and how NFTs are affecting different cultures around the world and goes into industries such as music, art, services with benefits and exclusives from the world’s biggest brands and much more.

Finally, Jonny Caplan and the story of how he gestated the direction of the documentary may be destined to win some awards and who knows, he might even make a non-fungible token of his award.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.