Alibaba and its entry into the metaverse

One of the world’s largest ecommerce companies is preparing for its debut in the metaverse with its own project called TaoLive City.

The company Alibaba has confirmed its debut in the metaverse for the year 2023, although the exact date is not yet certain. The project with which it will become a new protagonist in the metaverse is called TaoLive Citywhich will be developed together with Taobao and Diantao.

Taobao specializes in launching various products for the metaverse. This time it has teamed up with Diantao, which is another online streaming ecommerce application from the giant Alibaba. According to comments, Taobao is reportedly doing final tests related to the project.

The announcement of TaoLive City was made during the Double 11 Shopping Festival event held in November 2022. In this project, visitors will create their own avatar and will be able to use it when entering the metaverse, in addition to being able to shop and interact with other participants.

Months ago, the ecommerce giant announced a new immersive shopping experience within the metaverse, with several new features and a lot of technology. In this way, the business group seeks to maximize luxury shopping to connect consumers with premium brands.

Likewise, in recent years, the ecommerce giant’s luxury shopping platform, Tmall Luxury Pavilion, carried out different actions to enter a new field of 3D shopping, where they simulated augmented reality shopping, as well as generating avatars and different collectibles.

This virtual city, which will be called TaoLive City, will have eight stages. It will have several rooms with their respective live broadcasts. At the moment, some luxury brands have already joined the platform, such as Tissot.

In addition to having globally popular brands, we can mention that Taobao and Diantao will add several streamers to their live broadcasts.


Prior to this development, Alibaba had already filed trademark applications referring to Chinese terms such as Ali Metaverse or TaoBao Metaverse. It also made an investment of approximately US$60 million in a company that produces augmented reality glasses.

Alibaba is not the first company to join this new technology trend. Baidu Inc’s AI cloud also decided to join the commercialization and digitization of products. On the other hand, NetEase Yaotai, a metaverse platform, is expected to be available in the coming months.

On the other hand, we cannot fail to mention that months ago we published an article from NFTexpress in which another company with presence in a large part of the world also entered the metaverse, and that was when Wal-Mart announced its entry into the virtual world through Roblox, through WALMART LAND, and WALMART UNIVERSE OF PLAY.

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Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express