Alfa Romeo announces NFT-linked models

These are the new models that will be launched in 2023, the new Giulia and the Stelvio. Both models will also feature a NFT.

These models will receive a restyling much awaited by the public, and take the opportunity to insert themselves fully into the digital world. Some of the improvements and modifications will be seen in the aesthetics (such as the new LED lighting technology), as well as in the interior with a fully digital driving position.

The Italian company announced through an official press release that the new models will be available with diesel and gasoline engines. Specifically, there will be a diesel version with 160 hp, and two gasoline versions, one with 210 hp and the other with 280 hp. These models will go on sale in February 2023.

The novelty of these new models is that through Blockchain technology, and more precisely with the benefits and utilities provided by the NFTs, they will have a unique certificate of the car, where data and vehicle history will be recorded.

Thanks to this technology and this new implementation of the single digital certificate in an NFT, the company is able to guarantee the user its correct conservation, control and residual value, as well as greater confidence at the time of purchase and sale.

The company explained the rationale for incorporating blockchain technology and NFTs into their business model. They stated that the NFT certificate provides a greater source of credibility, which helps the vehicle owner in the process of buying and selling the vehicle, but also reassures the buyer of the used vehicle. In this way they provide benefits to the current owner of the vehicle, and in turn to the potential future buyer of the used vehicle.

Alfa Romeo thus marks a milestone in history by becoming the first vehicle brand to link an NFT to one of its vehicles. It is a modern maintenance book, which can never be falsified by anyone, and can be monitored on the blockchain, offering transparency, security and immutability.

As some of the most important features of this new feature, you will be able to know if the vehicle in question has been properly maintained, if the correct oil was used, if the services were performed in a timely manner, and much more. In this way, it will keep the residual value of the vehicle up.

There will also be two versions available for each model, the Super and the Ti, each with its own particular specifications that distinguish one from the other.

But the most important thing that come to bring these new versions, is its link with the digital. They will have a 100% digital driving position, with an instrumentation that now includes a new 12.3-inch TFT screen fully digital.

On the other hand, there will also be the latest in ADAS functions to offer level 2 autonomous driving and handling.

The technology implemented by the automotive company is based on the concept of the Blockchain Card, which as we already know is an encrypted and unmodifiable record, where they will register the most important information of each car.

The distinctive feature of this user-friendly and sustainable technology further underlines the innovative spirit of the Alfa Romeo brand. According to each customer’s choice, the NFT will generate a certificate where important data about the vehicle’s useful life will be recorded.

Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express