Alethea AI to launch interactive NFTs on Polygon’s blockchain

Alethea AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) company that uses blockchain technology to create services that improve the way humans can interact with AI. Now, they confirmed that they will launch interactive NFTs on the Polygon blockchain.

Alethea AI confirmed its partnership with the blockchain of Polygon with the goal of introducing interactive NFTs that will be powered by artificial intelligence. These non-fungible tokens will allow users to create avatars in the format of NFTs by entering some simple text-based prompts.

The goal of this project is to allow anyone to quickly create, train and exchange AI-created characters as an NFT on the Polygon network.

The tool they created is called “CharacterGPT“and it offers unique features compared to other projects such as Dall-E 2 from Open AIAlethea AI’s creation seeks to go beyond traditional text and image engines and wants to achieve fully interactive and intelligent artificial intelligence characters generated with a single line message in natural language.

¿How to use CharacterGPT?

To coin NFTs in highly interactive CharacterGPT, you will have to visit its official page using Polygon DApp, i.e. Alethea AI, developed this DApp with a digital version of the co-founder of PolygonSandeep Nailwal, to launch it.

This Sandeep NFT is believed to be a 1:1 AI collectible that is based on his writings, public statements and interviews.

At the time of this writing, the YouTube channel channel ten days ago posted a video showing the NFT powered by CharacterGPT and artificial intelligence in action. You can see how Nailwal answers several questions based on his previous opinions and the NFT features a golden check mark, which acts as a validation mark.

¿What can we expect from AI-driven NFTs??

Alethea’s NFTs, who called them iNFT seem quite impressive, as, they present a truly exciting future for the entire blockchain industry and the Web3 ecosystem.

In addition, this project uses the “AI protocol“, a proprietary and proprietary rights layer for generative artificial intelligence that will now be merged with Polygon to bring this new technology that certainly promises to be revolutionary in the non-fungible token industry.

Sandeep Nailwalco-founder of Polygon, spoke about this new partnership with Alethea AI and said that at first glance he was struck by how Alethea AI developed this technology over the last few years and with the help of its CharacterGPT engine.

He also added that he is excited and happy to support this project, as they are also confident that Polygon can bring this power and empower generative artificial intelligence into the ecosystem in the near future.

Ahmad Matyanadirector of operations at Alethea AI, was another person who spoke about this new tool and said that the use cases are many, but the one that stands out the most to him is the possibility for users to create intelligent, interactive characters that could serve as their AI companions, digital guides or simply as NPCs in games.

He also added that public figures can create digital twins of themselves to serve as digital companions for their fans.

Alethea’s iNFTs or digital assets can be used to be trained and used in different metaverses, any kind of games, sports stadiums, museums and other ways to interact with users such as virtual guides, explanatory videos and much more.

Alethea AI already created the first intelligent NFT (iNFT) and sold at Sotheby ‘s, one of the world’s best-known digital auction houses, for $478,800 on June 10, 2021.

It also raised more than $31 million through private auctions, strategic sales and token distribution.

The governance token of this project is called ALI and comes from its name Artificial Liquid Intelligence or Inteligencia Líquida Artificial in Spanish. It was launched as an ERC – 20 token on the Ethereum network and has a maximum supply of 10 billion and 790 million ALI (7.9%) initially unlocked.

In addition, Alethea AI blocked a total of 200 million ALI (2% of the maximum supply) to set aside for ecosystem development. You can learn all about the project and its ideas in their Whitepaper here.

Moreover, Alethea AI sold tokens in its private launch to prominent investors in the world of finance, including. Multicoin Capital, Gemini, Galaxy Interactive, Dapper Labs, Binance, Mark Cuban y Meltem Demirorsamong others.


Artificial intelligence and blockchain are two of the best opportunities for developing new technologies today. Likewise, it has not yet been possible to run an AI model that can be 100% decentralized, since, the hardware it requires cannot support that connection and therefore, the projects that are currently using crypto and artificial intelligence are centralized to some extent.

Alethea AI wants to close that gap by keeping AI computation off-chain while using smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to support its protocol layer that is used to create iNFTs.

Only time will tell if Alethea AI’s vision of preserving and evolving these technologies and merging them with humans can be feasible and successful. What we can know is that this company is constantly developing and evolving to make combining AI personalities with NFTs to create avatars a unique and innovative experience.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.