Air Europa awarded for its NFT tickets

International carrier Air Europa has been honored at the FTE Pionner Awards 2022 for becoming the first airline to issue tickets in NFT format.

Representatives of airline companies, travel agencies, institutions and organizations from the tourism and technology sectors gathered to take part in the FTE Pionner Awards 2022 event. This event took place in Las Vegas, and generated a lot of repercussions as it showcased new developments related to NFTs.

One of its strongest and most innovative points was the presentation of the NFTickets project, developed jointly with the company TravelX. The NFTickets project is the first to be carried out in this field, and it is about tickets in the format of non-fungible tokens, which are developed based on blockchain technology thanks to its collaboration with the company Algorand.

Its main objective is to transform the passenger offer and represent a historic leap in the world of tourism. The airline claims that they make a difference by offering this service that enhances the passenger experience through the added value provided by NFTs, i.e., security, transparency and guarantees for the user.

NFTickets are digital tickets, which in addition to providing air travel to a certain destination, offer a range of benefits that are not offered in the traditional ticket service. One of these benefits is an NFT for the user who bought the ticket, which consists of a digital artwork that can then be traded in a marketplace, or wallet to wallet directly with a friend, or keep it or collect it for himself. Thus, the first NFT ticket of this series was auctioned in Paris for a value of 1 million dollars.

In addition to being innovative in being the first to offer tickets in NFT format, Air Europa has also been in the news for having carried out the first air cargo shipment between Spain and Latin America carried out completely digitally, thanks to a platform that is developed on blockchain.

In this way, not only does it serve to promote the use of technology and the digitalization of processes, but it also benefits the environment by not having to issue paper documentation throughout the process.

And these are not the first times that this airline company has committed to reducing environmental pollution, as they have previously stated that they have collaborated in initiatives where certain platforms are applied to optimize aircraft fuel consumption, and the application of methods to reduce paper in their ordinary day-to-day operations.


Air Europa Líneas Aéreas was founded in 1984 and made its first flight in 1986. It began operating charter flights between Spain and the United Kingdom in November of that year. Following the bankruptcy of ILG and Air Europa in March 1991, the company was acquired by Juan José Hidalgo.

The network of destinations served by the company is organized around a central airport in Madrid-Barajas, with bases in Barcelona, Mallorca, Tenerife, Malaga and Valencia. Air Europa offers around 200 flights daily between all its destinations.

Its current fleet includes Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737 MAX, Boeing 787-9, among others.

Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express