AFA enters the metaverse with Metalantis

It has been announced that the AFA and the Argentine National Team will enter the Metaverse in November, through a publication on the AFA’s official website.

The Argentine Football Association has entered into an agreement with MetaLantis, a company dedicated to the development of immersive experiences in the Metaverse. The purpose of this agreement is to continue advancing with its development projects in the digital field, and to bring very different experiences to fans from all over the world.

As stated on the official site, with this collaboration Argentina becomes the first World Cup winning team to develop its own stadium in the Metaverse.

For this, MetaLantis allows fans to come together in this virtual world to interact in an immersive way, through the passion they all share for soccer.

This proposal will be made official in November, prior to the most awaited event in the world of sports, the World Cup in Qatar. In addition, it will be officially announced the functionalities that the virtual space will have, and all the benefits of the fans who decide to be part of it.

Leandro Petersen, who holds the position of commercial and marketing director of AFA, said that this collaboration makes Argentina the first national team to officially join the Metaverse. Likewise, he considered that through this new technology and the benefits generated through blockchain, it can generate new business possibilities for the future. They have been working on this expansion process for 4 years and it has been growing day by day, achieving consequently an increase in the volume of income of the association. In this way, they achieve new strategic agreements and can expand business units, with the main objective of achieving commercial and economic growth.

On the other hand, AFA President Claudio Tapia stated that in the last few years of his administration, the AFA brand has been undergoing a strong expansion in international markets. Through this alliance with MetaLantis, all fans anywhere in the world will be able to be closer and visit virtually the new space linked to the Metaverse.

Maggie Fang, CEO of MetaLantis, said that the partnership with the AFA is exciting for them and for her personally. In a key year for soccer and to be able to close the deal with the AFA for the creation of its own virtual stadium in the Metaverse, is a source of pride for everyone. In addition, she said that together with the AFA they will bring fans of the Argentine National Team closer to many new and immersive experiences that they have never lived before.


Recently in August we saw the AFA enter into an alliance with Fansea, an NFT platform for digital collectibles. In this tie-up, an official NFT licensing agreement was signed.

Thus, fans, collectors and anyone around the world will be able to acquire iconic national team collectibles in 3D through the platform. With this type of agreement, the national team consolidates new sources of digital revenue created through the link with Fansea, through a new category of licenses for virtual goods, called NFT Official AFA License.

Prior to that, in May, another tie-up was made by the AFA, but this time with Binance, by entering into a five-year agreement. This deal included a sponsorship by the cryptoasset exchange and the development of a fan token.

Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express