Adidas and Fewocious: Revolutionizing the Market with Limited Edition NFT Sneakers

Adidas partners with Web3 artist Fewocious to launch NFT sneakers, merging unique digital art with limited edition footwear.

Adidas, one of the leading brands in apparel and footwear, continues its venture into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and has recently confirmed its extraordinary collaboration with Web3 artist Fewocious to further explore the new digital and non-fungible worlds.

For this partnership with the brand, the digital artist will bring their distinctive and creative touch to customize Adidas’ popular ‘Campus 00’ sneaker model. Fans and collectors of this iconic footwear will have the opportunity to redeem these limited creations through the ‘Trefoil Flower Mint Pass’.

This digital pass is created using the technology offered by non-fungible tokens and will serve as a gateway to acquire exclusive limited-edition sneakers.

The design of this new product from the German multinational company, founded in 1949, features several unique characteristics in its limited edition. It will have black and white lines, complemented by eye-catching thick laces with a texture resembling blue and white clouds, designed thanks to Fewocious’ main touch.

As I mentioned before, interested individuals will be able to obtain these NFT sneakers, which will later be converted into physical shoes, through the ‘Trefoil Flower Mint Pass’. This digital pass will be available starting from June 22, 2023, and those who wish to be part of this opportunity can mint and acquire it through OpenSea, the leading NFT marketplace in the industry.

Additionally, Adidas confirmed that there will be a total of 4,500 Trefoil Flower Mint Passes available, and the mint price for the public sale will be 0.25 ETH, equivalent to a little over $400. There will be a wallet limit for the passes.

Subsequently, Mint Pass holders will gain access to claim a physical adidas Originals x FEWOCiOUS Campus 00s sneaker, and the mint pass will be replaced by a ‘Digital Twin NFT’. Physical shoes will start being delivered in September 2023.

This innovative release represents a significant milestone for Adidas as it marks the first time the brand has produced a sneaker with a token and NFC tag that will be linked to the limited-edition ‘Digital Twin NFT’.

Furthermore, this collaboration with Fewocious signifies another embrace of Web3 technology, which Adidas has been actively exploring for several years through multiple partnerships with prominent brands and figures in the crypto world (such as Gmoney, the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT project, and Punks Comic).

It is also worth noting that Adidas has found success with all of its NFT collections. For example, its first NFT collection generated $23 million in sales. As a result, Adidas continues to explore the potential of non-fungible tokens and has recently ventured into immersive experiences in the metaverse with exciting NFT releases in “Into the Metaverse”.

Lastly, Fewocious has recently sparked significant curiosity with the introduction of their NFT collection titled “FewoWorld”, which welcomes anyone interested in participating in the exciting Web3 experience directly connected to Fewocious’ creative mind.

Written by Rodrigo Catalán (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.