AC Milan to launch NFT game

The AC Milan club of Italy has announced the launch of an NFT game to be made in collaboration with the company MonkeyLeague.

As various companies are becoming interested and immersed in the web3 and NFT world, soccer teams are not lagging behind either and have decided to join this trend.

Italian soccer club AC Milan is entering the field of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens, with the launch of a new NFT collection hand in hand with an e-sports company called MonkeyLeague. This collection would be launched on the Solana blockchain. Through the following link you can access the official statement announced through the Italian team’s website.

The club itself, through its official Twitter account, has made the alliance official with the aim of an early launch of the collection by the hand of MonkeyLeague, today, September 23.

This NFT partnership will allow fans the possibility to get their tokens, and will give them access to various gaming tournaments as players testing the game.

In addition, those who purchase the NFTs will enjoy various benefits such as clothing accessories and other unique tournaments, which will also take place in real life.

According to the official statement, the partners are planning to hold tournaments with special prizes, such as VIP tickets for matches played at AC Milan’s own stadium, as well as physical jerseys autographed by the team’s players.

On the other hand, MonkeyLeague will also launch its own edition of collectibles that will be inspired by the Milan champions, and also land in the metaverse.

This link between the soccer club and the e-sports company is one of the novelties that arise from a web3 strategy by the club, which seeks to create unique digital experiences for its fans, and thus be able to offer them more access and proximity to their favorite athletes.

From the members of this link, they are hopeful that the new NFT collection of the game, including the mentioned collectibles that would also be released on their own by the MonkeyLeague team, will be launched on October 6 in the marketplace. MagicEden. The NFTs will be sold through an auction and some of the most important tokens will include physical Italian club t-shirts autographed by the squad.


Earlier in the month of January 2021 AC Milan launched an NFT campaign, as well as its Fan Token ($ACM) through the application, based on fan participation and rewards.

Subsequently, in February of the same year, the world’s largest exchange (Binance) added the ACM fan token to its platform, so that fans can also exchange it on its platform.

In addition, earlier this year, the club has entered into partnerships to launch official videos on NFT containing special moments about plays or the club itself, and joined an NFT virtual soccer game that allows players to collect and trade digital cards of the Italian club.

Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express