Warner Bros and NextHash partner to launch the first NFT collections inspired by sports.

Warner Bros’ events division, Discovery Sports, has confirmed its partnership with NextHash to develop and launch the first NFT collections in 2023 inspired by the various sports disciplines that the brand has been promoting for over a decade.

Discovery Sports, a subsidiary of Warner Bros that broadcasts various sports events on television, has confirmed a partnership with NextHash, a Web3 company powered by blockchain technology, to develop and launch the first NFT collections in 2023 inspired by the sports that the brand has been promoting for over ten years.

During 2022, the company was already developing different services in the metaverse, but this second partnership with Web3 marks Warner Bros’ real intentions and commitment to continue offering more immersive and innovative experiences for fans.

Warner Bros Discovery Sports, also known as ‘WBD Sports,’ recently confirmed the implementation of blockchain technology and the subsequent creation of their first collections of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), with the idea that sports fans can acquire a unique set of digital assets while also promoting and celebrating sports together with one of the leading sports brands.

According to the brand’s team, the goal is to increase the visibility of the events provided by WBD Sports and continue to attract different audiences, as well as digital communities and fans of digital assets.

The roadmap implemented by WBD Sports includes their first metaverse experience developed in 2022, and this new year aims to continue offering innovative and immersive opportunities within the NFT industry with Web3 technology as a flag to create unique series of digital collectibles.

As part of the project, the strategic alliance with NextHash was also announced, a project composed of several units worldwide that aims to combine the traditional financial industry with this new class of digital assets through blockchain technology.

The idea is that both projects work together to create NFTs and expand the digital presence of WDB Sports while taking advantage of the exponential growth of the global panorama of the entire cryptographic ecosystem.

WBD Sports owns NBA TV, a subscription-based television network featuring the top basketball league in the world.

Getting to know WBD Sports in depth

It has been confirmed that WBD Sports, a subsidiary of Warner Bros, will offer a portfolio of utility tokens with unique collectibles related exclusively to the most important and practiced sports disciplines by the best athletes in the world.

Throughout the year, the collections of non-fungible tokens launched by Warner Bros’s subsidiary will be released at various events organized and promoted by WBD Sports. It has also been confirmed that the NFTs will be available on well-known secondary markets in the digital collectibles industry, such as OpenSea.

WBD Sports is the sports arm of the company ‘Warner Bros. Discovery‘, which has other subsidiaries such as Warner Bros Pictures, the film production company, among others. They are currently reaching 130 million people every month through different platforms and languages worldwide, including brands such as Eurosport, BT Sport, and Golf Digest, as well as sports content on Discovery+ and open television networks. Additionally,Discovery Sports Events has the license to promote around 55 events worldwide annually.

Finally, this innovative strategy of one of the leading sports companies is extremely positive for the NFT ecosystem, as it will provide fans with a new way to participate in their favorite sports by obtaining, possessing, and collecting unique digital assets.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.