Check it out! The first appearance of Rocket Raccoon was in VeVe and Marvel Preview #7. It’s a limited edition you can’t miss!

VeVe, the platform that specializes in launching premium licensed digital collectibles to the mass market and was created in 2018, has announced the release of ‘Marvel Preview (1975) #7,’ which features the first appearance of Rocket Raccoon.

VeVe is a platform founded in 2018 by collectors, for collectors. The aim of this project is to release various series of premium licensed digital collectibles to the mass market.

Since its inception, VeVe has sold over 6 million NFTs and its non-fungible asset platform is notable for being carbon neutral. Additionally, according to Google Play and Apple, it is the highest-grossing entertainment platform with the most downloads since its official launch five years ago.

Just a few hours ago, they confirmed the release of  ‘Marvel Preview (1975) #7’ for Tuesday, May 9th, 2023 at 8:00 AM exclusively on VeVe. This edition was presented as super limited and fully readable, with five variant covers in a blind box format.

This new release features the first appearance of  Rocket Raccoon, the famous intelligent anthropomorphic raccoon, weapons specialist, and tactical master who appeared as a fictional character in American comics published by Marvel Comics in ‘Preview #7’.

Additionally, the platform for premium licensed digital collectibles will also showcase the first face-to-face encounter between the future member of Guardian of the Galaxy and Prince Wayfinder in Witch World.

Get the key information about the release of Marvel Preview (1975) #7.

As previously mentioned, the NFT minting date is set to start on May 9th, 2023 at 8:00 AM Pacific Time. The license is truly premium, as it is a partnership between  VeVe y Marvel

In addition, the NFTs will have a value of $6.99 USD each and there will be a total of five cover variants, meaning the five images shown in the first photo of this article will be available for this series.

It has also been revealed that there will officially be 10,000 non-fungible tokens for the comics first published in 1976 by the American comic book publisher created in 1939 in New York City.

Marvel Preview #7, Vibranium Variant – Ultra Rare

The 10,000 non-fungible tokens that will be issued for this new VeVe project with Marvel Comics will be classified by different rarities ranging from ‘Common’ to ‘Secret Rare’. They are divided as follows:

Common: classic cover with a total of 6000 NFTs

Uncommon: vintage variant with a total of 2250 NFTs

Rare: hero variant with 1000 non-fungible tokens

Ultra Rare: vibranium variant with 500 digital collectibles

-Secret Rare: true believer variant with 250 NFTs and available globally.

Other key points to keep in mind about this NFT collection:

VeVe has confirmed that there will be a purchase limit per user, which extends to ten blind boxes from the official store. The platform also announced a total of 375 editions in the five rarities that will be held for licensing distribution, promotions, and teams, among others.

Furthermore, since this isn’t the first time VeVe has launched an NFT collection with Marvel, they have also announced that, as with all previous collectibles between both projects, a 6% licensor fee applies to Marvel’s sales on the secondary market, and a 2.5% existing secondary market fee applies to VeVe.

Finally, during the delivery of comic cover NFTs, there may be periods of high user traffic, and as a result, the rarity of the digital collectible will only be discovered after delivery. This can take between 30 and 120 minutes, according to the official VeVe website.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.