Renault Launches “Create Your SM6”: NFT Project Driven by Artificial Intelligence in Korea

Renault, the renowned automobile manufacturing and distribution company, has unveiled its new project “Create Your SM6” at one of its subsidiary companies in Korea. This project is linked to the NFT industry and is driven by artificial intelligence. Explore the exciting world of Renault’s SM6 and discover how you can customize your own vehicle through this unique fusion of NFTs and AI technology.

Renault is once again launching an NFT project, but this time through its Korean division, which introduced the “Create Your SM6” campaign, a campaign linked to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and artificial intelligence (AI) aimed at actively engaging the community.

This new initiative by the French company introduces an innovative tool where NFTs are created using artificial intelligence (AI). The application being used is not Chat GPT, as unofficially mentioned, but Renault has partnered with “Stable Diffusion,” a tool that allows participants to enter keywords inspired by the Renault M6 TCe300 model. The program then generates unique images, which are distributed as NFTs.

Renault Korea has confirmed that a total of 6,300 NFTs will be issued, and each participant can receive only one. Currently, there are approximately 14,000 digital collectibles created by users, but the company will only select 10 winners on the event page, and those images will be used to launch the collection.

In addition, the winning NFTs will be directly delivered to the participants’ digital wallets, and they will also have the opportunity to earn the Klaytn cryptocurrency, the native token of the brand developed on the Klaytn blockchain.

This new project by Renault marks the company’s third foray into building services in the Web3. In October of last year, the company launched “Create Your Epic Car,” followed by “XM3 E-Tech Hybrid Meta Unpacked” in November 2022, which featured a virtual event unveiling their new compact car.

Previously, Renault Korea also partnered with Singapore-based luxury fashion brand Altava Group, which offers services in the metaverse. They also joined forces with leading virtual game developer in the Web3 ecosystem, “The Sandbox,” in September of last year to launch NFTs and games using blockchain technology to offer virtual reality products.

However, it’s not just Renault Korea that is actively offering Web3 services. Renault as a whole has made a commitment to the blockchain industry. In May, they celebrated their 50th anniversary by launching “Racing Shoe5,” the brand’s second NFT collection inspired by the R5 Turbo. Additionally, in December 2022, they released their first collection of non-fungible tokens called “GenR5,” which consisted of a total of 1,972 NFTs, a number that references the year the Renault 5 was launched.

It’s worth noting that Renault Korea and the brand in general aim to offer their customers multiple experiences through the creation of innovative spaces and fully immersive experiences that are 100% digital. Their active participation in the Web3 ecosystem and use of NFTs demonstrate their true intentions to embrace cutting-edge technology and engage with their community.

Ultimately, involving participants in the creation and ownership of digital collectibles (NFTs) showcases their focus and dedication to constantly offering different services in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.