Relics and Steve Aoki are revolutionizing the Metaverse with NFT jukeboxes and limitless music

Relics, an NFT startup with a focus on music, has confirmed its partnership with renowned DJ and Web3 enthusiast Steve Aoki, aiming to push the boundaries of music in the blockchain ecosystem with NFT jukeboxes that will operate within the Metaverse. is a music-focused NFT startup that has announced the launch of an NFT collection in collaboration with renowned DJ and Web3 enthusiast Steve Aoki.

The aim of this partnership is to push the boundaries of music in the blockchain ecosystem. As part of this, they have introduced “Idol III,” a virtual jukebox machine presented as non-fungible tokens minted on the popular Ethereum blockchain.

The virtual jukebox machines have been personally designed by the acclaimed electronic music artist himself and incorporate elements from Aoki’s esteemed label, Dim Mak Records.

Once users acquire “The Idol III” NFT, they will discover one of three different types of music players that have been created. These NFTs will be limited edition, adding scarcity and generating more interest among collectors.

Additionally, NFT holders will unlock exclusive benefits and have the opportunity to use these music players across various Metaverse platforms.

Prominent Metaverse websites for playing these digital music pieces include the web player, Steve’s Skypod onCyber, and, notably, within one of the flagship projects of this new technology, Decentraland, in the world created by the music startup called “RELICSxyz.”

Idol III, Steve Aoki’s NFTs together with – source: official website of the project

The process of minting the ‘Idol III’ NFTs was divided into three distinct phases:

-Phase I was exclusive to Relics and a0k1verse token holders, where the non-fungible tokens were minted at an approximate value of 0.06 ETH each.

-Phase II focused specifically on Music NFT holders, with the NFTs being distributed at a value of approximately 0.08 ETH.

-The final Phase III was reserved for holders of the previous Relics collection, called “Genesis IDOL,” and the non-fungible tokens were sold at a value of 0.03 ETH each.

Relics has experienced great success with its previous collaborations and NFT collections. They have launched projects like “Genesis Idol” and “Genesis Idol II.” The latter was a collaboration with renowned video game concept artist Raf Grassetti, famous for his work as an art director on the popular game God of War.

What is RELICS as a company?

RELICS aims to provide essential music for the virtual lives of users. As a result, they offer fully licensed songs and virtual music players for different Metaverse worlds.

Everything developed by the company is done through NFTs, which are referred to as “Relics” and “Idols.” Both non-fungible tokens are designed to be enjoyed in virtual environments, allowing user avatars to acquire unique and limited-edition styles to create immersive experiences within the Metaverse.

Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.