Strategic alliance between Polygon and Inspect to revolutionize the NFT market

The leading layer 2 blockchain in the segment has announced a new collaboration with Inspect, with the aim of boosting the NFT and blockchain ecosystem, in order to achieve greater adoption by the community.

Over the past few months and years, we have observed the accelerated pace of growth in the Polygon network, in terms of new partnerships with companies, projects, and others.

As an example, we can mention the case of the renowned clothing brand Ralph Lauren, which decided to accept cryptocurrency payments in their Miami store, and integrated the Polygon network to host 3000 NFTs they gave away to their customers.

Another relevant case was when BBVA exhibited two NFT collections of their own, one of which was developed on the Polygon network, and the other on Avalanche. And one more to mention is the partnership between Polygon and Wakweli, a protocol that aims to issue certificates of authenticity for secure tokenization.

Polygon Labs has partnered with Inspect to promote the adoption of NFTs and Web3 through the promotion of various use cases. Inspect’s main task is to ensure that users have access to sufficient information and knowledge to be able to act and trade in the NFT market.

Inspect is a company specialized in providing innovative solutions and tools to promote NFT adoption through SocialFi. With this collaboration, the aim is to integrate NFTs developed on the Polygon network to encourage innovative use cases.

Oliver Cohen, President of Inspect, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration with Polygon Labs, a company that shares a vision of the future around NFTs, Web3, and the broader blockchain landscape.

This collaboration allows them to explore new areas of progress and innovation, while providing the community with the tools and resources necessary to foster adoption and growth in the ecosystem. By formalizing their collaboration with Polygon Labs, Inspect aims to establish a more robust, diverse, and interconnected NFT environment.

Meanwhile, Polygon Labs always collaborates with a specific purpose when working with other projects, which is to ensure that the Web3 ecosystem can rely on accessible, secure, and scalable blockchain infrastructure that meets all of these characteristics.

Sanket Shah, Director of Growth at Polygon Labs, expressed his excitement about incorporating Inspect into the Polygon ecosystem, as they share a passion for driving Web3 and NFT adoption.

By benefiting from their expertise and resources, they are contributing to creating a friendly environment for growth. He also expressed his eagerness to see the progress that arises from the work done in collaboration with Inspect.

Written by Luciano Garriga (Tw: luchogarriga) for NFT Express.