Michelin launches its NFT collection ‘Michelin 3xplorer Club’: a new experience for its web fans3

The French company in charge of manufacturing Michelin tires, confirmed its NFT collection called ‘Michelin 3xplorer Club’ consisting of 5000 non-fungible tokens created on the Ethereum blockchain and to be launched next June 15.

Michelinthe leading tire manufacturing company, announced its entry into the Web3 industry with the launch of its NFT collection called ‘Michelin 3xplorer Club’.Michelin 3xplorer Club‘. This first project of the French brand will feature 5000 non-fungible tokens, which will be hosted on the renowned blockchain, Ethereum.

This innovative project of the company company founded in 1889 by the brothers Édouard and André Michelin, is inviting through Twitter and Discord all the people who want to participate in this exclusive NFT collection, which will bring different benefits to the owners of the collectibles.

They also confirmed that holders of non-fungible token membership cards will enjoy privileged access. This exciting initiative undoubtedly reflects the brand’s intentions to continue to explore new horizons and venture into new technologies with its most loyal customers.

The members of ‘Michelin 3xplorer Club‘ will have the chance to purchase a unique and exclusive digital artwork depicting the renowned ‘Michelin Man’ character. In addition, there will be multiple sweepstakes and community challenges for members to access different exclusive experiences such as:

The gala unveiling of the famous Michelin Guide selection, which will be attended by top chefs and other celebrities.

  • The centenary of the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the Michelin Motorsport team.

  • Witness the MotoGP Grand Prix.

The company’s objective is to seek new services and experiences through the technology provided by the NFTs and the Web3 ecosystem, since they want to make their followers feel satisfied and, consequently, strengthen the relationship between the brand and its users.

This NFT collection is part of the first phase of the strategy proposed by Michelin and its team has confirmed that the brand’s desire is to create new experiences for its customers, but at the same time, to achieve a consolidated relationship with its community in an innovative way through non-fungible tokens.

Moreover, to carry out this project, Michelin partnered with some projects already specialized in these new technologies. Among them is getbulldog.xyza startup specialized exclusively in Web3 and NFTs.

It has also formed an alliance with Goeland Studioa digital agency dedicated to the creation of virtual and augmented reality.

The third partnership was with Exclusiblespecializing in designing Web3 experiences and the metaverse.

With all these projects, Michelin aims to create a unique and exclusive collection, but also to continue exploring new technologies and to reflect the excellence it has demonstrated for several decades in its field.

Jean-François LaforgeDirector of Brands and Commercial Communication of the Michelin Group, spoke about this new collection of non-fungible tokens and said that they are happy to have launched this project.

Finally, Laforge also added that for more than 130 years, Michelin facilitated mobility for everyone and everywhere in the country, but now Web3 is the perfect place to gather and connect friends of the Michelin Man who are enthusiastic about innovation and new technologies.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.