Renault launches an exclusive collection of NFT shoes inspired by the R5 Turbo on its 50th anniversary

Renault is turning 50 and has confirmed its second NFT collection inspired by the R5 Turbo. The project was named “Racing Shoe5” and consists of non-fungible tokens of six shoe models that will then become real using the well-known ‘Phygital’ method.

Renault continues on its path towards new and innovative services through Web3 technology and in consequence of its 50th anniversary confirmed the launch of non-fungible tokens with the renowned ‘Phygital’ method.

The official project was named “Racing Shoe5” inspired by the R5 Turbo and will represent six different shoe models, five of which are thanks to the already named R5 Turbo, a historic hatchback sports car launched in 1980. Meanwhile, the sixth model was designed in collaboration with the Wen3 R3NLT community and is in commemoration of the R5 TURBO 3E show car.

The design of the shoes reflects the representative elements of the previously named R5 Turbo. For example, the rear slope of the model references the vehicle’s chassis, the interior is inspired by the upholstery and the laces are intended to recall the all-important seat belts.

The shoes were named by Renault as ‘pairs of sneakers’ and those interested in acquiring these collectibles will get two NFTs, their numbered artistic representation and a digital passport certifying the ownership and authenticity of the origin of the materials. This will be possible thanks to NFC technology via a chip embedded in the footwear.

In addition, the “Phygital” NFTs will be available for purchase in Renault’s first Renault’s first 3D virtual store which was created for users to enjoy multiple unique and exclusive immersive experiences.

Also, the collection will contain a total of 960 pairs of sneakers, that is, 160 shoes for each of the models and will go on sale in three different stages, which are:

  • May 15, 2023 at 18:00 CET: opening of the sale exclusively for ‘genR5’ NFT holders.

  • May 16, 2023 at 18:00 CET: opening of the sale for pre-sale registrants.

  • May 17, 2023 at 18:00 CET: opening of the public sale.

Racing Shoe5, model MAXI PHILIPS – source:

Each NFT shoe will be matched with a physical pair made from leather certified by LWG or also known as Leather Working Group. The value to acquire the NFT version will be 265 euros and each shoe will be numbered and unique, since, they will come with an additional NFC chip inserted, which will work as a passport to prove the authenticity and the most important details such as materials, composition, among other things.

¿What does the purchase of the RACING SHOE5 include??

Firstly, each user will have the possibility of acquiring one NFT per model, i.e. a person will be able to get a total of 6 non-fungible tokens, since there are six different models.

Then, when purchasing the RACING SHOE5 will include the following benefits:

  • The pair of slippers itself, in the color and size chosen.

  • The NFT digital passport of the pair of shoes.

  • The NFT digital collectible corresponding to the pair of sneakers.

The digital passport that I mentioned before, is the one that will have everything related to the product such as: the production circuit, the materials used, its origin, the date of purchase of the product and much more.

Also, this digital passport will have the title of ownership of the sneakers, which will allow the authentication of the item.

In addition, the digital passport can be accessed by scanning the NFC chip integrated into the RACING SHOE5.

By transferring to their digital wallet, the buyer accesses the title to the digital passport integrated directly into the blockchain in the form of NFT.

¿By what methods can a Renault NFT be purchased??

Users interested in acquiring a Renault NFT will have to go to the immersive 3D store and click on the ‘buy now’ button and follow the common steps of an online purchase.

Renault confirmed that payment can be made in two different ways. First, it can be done through a traditional credit card. Then, it will also be possible to do it through cryptocurrencies, since, the NFTs will be hosted on the Ethereum network.

genR5: Renault’s first NFT collection

Finally, Renault is not the first time it has launched a collection of non-fungible tokens. In December 2022, it introduced “genR5“, inspired by the Renault 5 model and featured a total of 1,972 NFTs, whose number referred to the year in which the Renault 5 was launched.

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Written by Rodrigo Catalan (TW: @RodrigoCatalanB) for NFT Express.