Cristiano Ronaldo launches his NFT collection with Binance

The launch is related to a worldwide marketing campaign, with Cristiano Ronaldo as a figurehead, with the main objective of bringing his fans closer to knowledge about web3.

After seeing quite a few athletes join the Web3 world, and particularly the launch of their own NFT collections, it is time for Cristiano Ronaldo to join this trend with Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

There is no denying that Cristiano Ronaldo has redefined soccer, and his personal and team successes have left their mark on the history of the sport. Currently, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner is interested in Web3 and non-fungible tokens.

The Portuguese footballer will launch his first collection of NFT, which will be available from Friday, November 18, as announced on Tuesday, November 15. This collection covers the most important and iconic moments of the footballer’s sporting life, from his childhood beginnings in Portugal to his greatest successes in the world’s most important soccer leagues.

He Yi, who serves as co-founder and chief marketing officer of Binance, spoke about the soccer star’s collection, saying that they believe the metaverse and blockchain are the future of the internet. They are honored to be able to collaborate with Cristiano Ronaldo to help many people understand what blockchain is and how the Web3 infrastructure is currently being built for the sports and entertainment industry.

For his part, Cristiano Ronaldo said that it was important for him to be able to create something memorable and unique for all his fans, as he considers them an important part of his success. He also says that with Binance he has been able to achieve something that not only encompasses the passion for soccer, but will also reward the fans for all the years they have supported him.

This first NFT collection of the Portuguese soccer player will go on sale on Friday, November 18, exclusively on the Binance exchange, and will be composed of 7 animated statues, with 4 different levels of rarity, which will be defined as: Super Super Super Rare (SSR), Super Rare (SR), Rare (R) and Normal (N).

Regarding the different levels of rarity, each of them will bring with them their respective exclusive benefits, which could be a personal message from Cristiano, Binance merchandising autographed by him, access to future releases of the CR7 NFT, mystery boxes, the possibility to participate in future raffles and many more.

In turn, there will be 45 NFTs of the highest value player that will be auctioned on the Binance NFT market. Of those 45, there will be 5 Super Super Super Rare (SSR) and 40 Super Super Rare (SR). The sale of these first ones will be available for 24 hours and the sale prices are going to start at $10,000 $BUSD for SSRs and from $1,700 $BUSD for SRs. $BUSD is the stable cryptocurrency of the renowned exchange that is pegged to the value of the dollar, so 1 $BUSD “equals” 1 dollar.

Also, the collection will have 6,600 remaining NFT that will be available for sale in the Binance market starting at 77 $BUSD. The distribution of these remainders will be 600 Rares (R) and 6,000 Normals (N).

On the other hand, the first 1.5 million people who register on the exchange platform, and in turn complete the KYC (Know your customer) process will get the benefit of a mystery box from the CR7 NFT collection, which can get them a limited edition figure. The remaining tokens will be distributed starting in 2023. These boxes are designed by Binance, and in order to participate in these boxes, users must register with the reference ID RONALDO.

Written by Luciano Garriga (TW:@luchogarriga) for NFT Express